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TXBIZ PAC Endorsed Pro-Business Candidates

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Austin — The political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business, TXBIZ PAC, today released its first round of legislative endorsements.

“The TXBIZ PAC Board endorses contenders and officeholders who are committed to protecting and strengthening Texas’ pro-business climate. The leaders we are backing are focused on addressing the legislative priorities of job creators. We look forward to working with everyone,” said TXBIZ PAC Chairman Brett Graham.

More endorsements will follow as the PAC committee continues its endorsement process. The TXBIZ PAC endorses:

Sen. Angela Paxton, SD 8

Rep. Phil King, SD 10

Rep. Tan Parker, SD 12

Sen. Pete Flores, SD 24

Sen. Donna Campbell, SD 25 Morgan LaMantia, SD 27

Rep. Gary VanDeaver, HD 1

Rep. Cecil Bell, HD 3

Rep. Travis Clardy, HD 11

Rep. Kyle Kacal, HD 12

Rep. Angelia Orr, HD 13

Rep. John Raney, HD 14

Rep. Ernest Bailes, HD 18

Speaker Dade Phelan, HD 21

Rep. Ryan Guillen, HD 31

Rep. Justin Holland, HD 33

Jonathan Gracia, HD 38

Rep. Andrew Murr, HD 53

Rep. Glenn Rogers, HD 60

Rep. Reggie Smith, HD 62

Rep. Lynn Stucky, HD 64

Kronda Thimesch, HD 65

Rep. Jeff Leach, HD 67

Rep. David Spiller, HD 68

Jamee Jolly, HD 70

Rep. Stan Lambert, HD 71

Rep. Brooks Landgraf, HD 81

Rep. Dustin Burrows, HD 83

Rep. Phil Stephenson, HD 85

Rep. Ken King, HD 88

Rep. Stephanie Klick, HD 91

Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, HD 98

Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers, HD 113

Rep. Steve Allison, HD 121

Adam Blanchard, HD 122

Rep. Ray Lopez, HD 125

Charles Cunningham, HD 127 Rep. Mike Schofield, HD 132

Rep. Lacey Hull, HD 138

Rep. Harold Dutton, HD 142

TXBIZ PAC is the political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business. TXBIZ PAC prides itself on supporting candidates who will nurture the business environment in Texas. TXBIZ PAC endorses and supports candidates across both legislative and statewide races. Follow the Texas Association of Business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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