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The TXBIZ FEDPAC Advisory Council is comprised of TAB members from across Texas representing businesses of all sizes. The TXBIZ FEDPAC support candidates who demonstrate leadership, a commitment to a strong and competitive Texas business climate, and work to represent the interest of Texas business in our nation’s capital.

TXBIZ FEDPAC’s record in electing pro-business candidates is outstanding, with 93 percent of endorsed candidates winning their races. Candidates for federal and state offices have long coveted our endorsement because it represents the “seal of approval” from the Texas business community. The election process is always high stakes, and TXBIZ FEDPAC work is critical in the future prosperity of the United States and our great state of Texas.

We welcome the opportunity to share more with you about the PAC, as there have been many advancements made and more to come this election cycle.


Before we can send further communications or a solicitation for the PAC, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires us to receive Prior Authorization from you. If you would like to learn more about the PAC please complete the online form here. Once received, our PAC Director, will reach out to you.




TXBIZ FEDPAC needs funding support to continue to grow commitment to the interests of Texas Business in our nation's capital.

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