TAB Statement on Closing U.S.-Mexico Border


“The closing of the U.S.-Mexico Border would be economically devastating to Texas. The Lone Star state is dependent on trade; it is our lifeblood. If you want to create an economic crisis, then shutting down the border will create a financial crisis.


No group stands to lose more than Texans in communities like Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo, and El Paso. In Laredo alone, approximately 16,000 trucks and 1,400 rail cars cross the city’s border each day, and the Port of Laredo handled more than 50 percent of U.S.-Mexico bilateral goods traded just two years ago. Also, it doesn’t stop there, U.S. trade with Mexico exceeds $1.7 billion daily, and nearly half a million people legally cross the U.S.-Mexico border every day as employees, employers, students, shoppers, and tourists.


We support Senator John Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz, as well as our bipartisan Members of Congress and Texas State leadership, including Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen in their efforts to promote trade with Mexico. We ask our state and federal leaders along with our border communities to stand-up for what is right for our state and let the administration know by closing the U.S.-Mexico border the economic consequence will be immediate and severe to our great state and the entire nation.”

Sen. Creighton, Rep. Goldman File Consistent Employment Regulation Bills


The Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas today released the following statement regarding the of filing Senate Bill 15 by Sen. Brandon Creighton and House Bill 1654 by Rep. Craig Goldman, or the Consistent Employment Regulations bills:


“Private employment regulations are a statewide issue and a critical part of what makes Texas economically competitive. It’s the Legislature’s responsibility to make sure Texas’ regulatory and economic policies are consistent and streamlined and help grow jobs, not hamper job growth,” ASSET Spokesperson Annie Spilman said. “Texans from both sides of the aisle support consistent statewide employment policies over an unnecessary patchwork of regulations. These bills are critical to cutting red tape and encouraging job growth and investment in every part of Texas.”


Senate Bill 15 and House Bill 1654 establish consistent private employment regulations for Texas, rather than a patchwork network of local regulations that can hamper economic development and drive away jobs in certain areas of the state. The bills protect existing local nondiscrimination orders that have been passed by cities and chambers of commerce to attract jobs and investment.


An inconsistent patchwork of employment regulations creates massive compliance issues and bureaucratic hurdles for employers of all sizes that operate in multiple jurisdictions across the state, in addition to unnecessary confusion for their employees. Streamlined, statewide employment regulations allow job creators to spend less time fighting through a web of red tape—including differing and multiplying local policies, paperwork, city administrators, penalties, fines, employee handbooks and more—and more time investing in their employees, their businesses and their communities.


Texans overwhelmingly support consistent employment regulations. In a recent poll, 63 percent of Texans said they do not want to enact a patchwork of local regulations by allowing cities to regulate private employment practices, and 76 percent said the Legislature should make sure laws and regulations are uniform across the state. Further, 86 percent of Republicans, 73 percent of Democrats and 69 percent of Independents agreed that labor regulations should not vary by city, creating confusion and compliance issues for employers and employees.


ASSET is a non-profit coalition of job creation organizations that fights for policies that fuel the engines of our economy and protect Texas businesses from invasive and burdensome government regulations. ASSET collectively represents millions of employers and employees in the Lone Star State who believe employment and business operational decisions are best left to private employers, not government. For more information, please visit

President and CEO Jeff Moseley Joins North Texas Commission Board of Directors


 The Texas Association of Business (TAB), the voice for public policy issues affecting business in Texas, announces the appointment of president and CEO Jeff Moseley to the North Texas Commission (NTC) Board of Directors.


“I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Jeff at TAB and he is a crusader each and every day for Texas businesses and has a great understanding and appreciation of North Texas after spending many years in Denton County as an elected official,” said Chris Wallace, president and CEO, NTC. “We look forward to having Jeff on our board and continuing NTC’s momentum.”


The NTC is a public-private partnership dedicated to advancing the vibrancy of the North Texas region. With the shared goal of fostering a better business climate and building a strong workforce in the North Texas region and the entire state, TAB is proud to partner with an organization that has similar priorities.


“It is an honor and a privilege to join the NTC’s Board of Directors,” said Moseley. “As the voice of public policy for the state, TAB believes it’s critical to build strong relationships with different regions in Texas and this board appointment is a great opportunity to do just that.  I look forward to working with NTC and continuing to fight for creating jobs and paychecks for Texas.”


Moseley has four decades of public and private sector experience, particularly in the transportation industry and economic development.   He starts serving on the NTC Board of Directors in October.


About the North Texas Commission

Established in 1971, the North Texas Commission is a regional consortium of businesses, cities, counties, chambers of commerce, economic development entities and higher education institutions in the North Texas Region. The North Texas Commission improves the economic vitality, infrastructure and lifestyle of North Texas by marketing the region, promoting collaboration and advocating on critical federal and state issues.

TXBIZ PAC Release List of General Election Legislative Endorsements


AUSTIN, TX (September 18, 2018) – Today, TXBIZ PAC, the political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business, released its list of endorsements for legislative candidates and incumbents for the general election. TXBIZ PAC supports officeholders and nominees who are committed to improving the business environment in the state and will remain focused on the real issues impacting Texas business and business owners.  

“The Texas Association of Business State PAC Board chose to support the candidates willing to focus next session on the critical issues facing Texas – investment in transportation and infrastructure, innovation in manufacturing technology, economic development, education and job creation,” said TXBIZ PAC Chairman Brett Graham. “We look forward to working with these leaders in January.”

Below, the complete list of TXBIZ PAC legislative endorsements: 

• Senator Robert Nichols, SD 3

• Senator Charles Schwertner, SD 5

• Senator Paul Bettencourt, SD 7

• Nominee Angela Paxton, SD 8

• Senator Kelly Hancock, SD 9

• Senator Joan Huffman, SD 17

• Senator Donna Campbell, SD 25

• Senator Kel Seliger, SD 31  

• Representative Gary VanDeaver, HD 1

• Representative Dan Flynn, HD 2

• Representative Cecil Bell, HD 3

• Nominee Keith Bell, HD 4

• Representative Cole Hefner, HD 5

• Nominee Cody Harris, HD 8

• Representative Chris Paddie, HD 9

• Representative John Wray, HD 10

• Representative Travis Clardy, HD 11

• Representative Kyle Kacal, HD 12

• Representative John Raney, HD 14

• Nominee Steve Toth, HD 15

• Representative Will Metcalf, HD 16

• Representative John Cyrier, HD 17

• Representative Ernest Bailes, HD 18

• Representative James White, HD 19 

• Representative Dade Phelan, HD 21

• Nominee Mayes Middleton, HD 23

• Representative Greg Bonnen, HD 24

• Representative Dennis Bonnen, HD 25

• Representative Rick Miller, HD 26

• Representative John Zerwas, HD 28

• Representative Ed Thompson, HD 29

• Representative Geanie Morrison, HD 30

• Representative Ryan Guillen, HD 31

• Representative Todd Hunter, HD 32

• Representative Justin Holland, HD 33

• Representative Oscar Longoria, HD 35

• Representative J.M. Lozano, HD 43

• Representative John Kuempel, HD 44

• Representative Paul Workman, HD 47

• Nominee Cynthia Flores, HD 52

• Representative Hugh Shine, HD 55

• Representative Doc Anderson, HD 56

• Representative Trent Ashby, HD 57

• Representative DeWayne Burns, HD 58

• Representative J.D. Sheffield, HD 59

• Representative Phil King, HD 61

• Nominee Reggie Smith, HD 62  

• Representative Tan Parker, HD 63 

• Representative Lynn Stucky, HD 64

• Representative Ron Simmons, HD 65

• Representative Drew Springer, HD 68

• Representative Stan Lambert, HD 71

• Representative Drew Darby, HD 72

• Representative Brooks Landgraf, HD 81

• Representative Tom Craddick, HD 82

• Representative John Frullo, HD 84

• Representative Phil Stephenson, HD 85

• Representative John Smithee, HD 86

• Representative Four Price, HD 87

• Representative Ken King, HD 88

• Nominee Candy Noble, HD 89

• Representative Craig Goldman, HD 97

• Representative Giovanni Capriglione, HD 98

• Representative Charlie Geren, HD 99

• Representative Linda Koop, HD 102

• Representative Rodney Anderson, HD 105 
• Representative Morgan Meyer, HD 108

• Representative Angie Chen Button, HD 112

• Nominee John Turner, HD 114

• Nominee Julie Johnson, HD 115

• Nominee Steve Allison, HD 121  

• Representative Lyle Larson, HD 122

• Nominee Sam Harless, HD 126

• Representative Dan Huberty, HD 127

• Representative Dennis Paul, HD 129

• Representative Mike Schofield, HD 132

• Representative Jim Murphy, HD 133

• Representative Sarah Davis, HD 134

• Representative Gary Elkins, HD 135

• Representative Tony Dale, HD 136

• Representative Dwayne Bohac, HD 138

• Representative Jarvis Johnson, HD 139

• Representative Shawn Thierry, HD 146

Texas Association of Business Honors Distinguished Business Leader Dennis Nixon of IBC Bank Honored


The Texas Association of Business (TAB), the voice for public policy issues affecting business in Texas, will honor Dennis E. Nixon, president & CEO, International Bank of Commerce in Laredo, Texas and Chairman, International Bancshares Corporation at this year’s Distinguished Business Leader Award Luncheon in San Antonio, TX. Nixon joins a group of distinguished past recipients including Dick Cheney, Herb Kelleher, Brint Ryan and Ebby Halliday. The luncheon will take place on October 12 at the Jack Guenther Pavilion in San Antonio, Texas.

The Texas Association of Business Distinguished Business Leader Award is presented to executives who exhibit strong leadership skills, promote ethical business practices and contribute to the local community.

As the main architect behind the unprecedented growth of International Bancshares Corporation and IBC, Nixon is one of the nation’s leading banking authorities and executives. Since joining IBC in 1975, Nixon has been instrumental in International Bancshares Corporation’s ranking as the largest minority-owned bank organization in the United States and one of the largest independent banks in Texas and Oklahoma.

“Dennis is a trailblazer in the banking industry and has revolutionized the way Texans look at community banking,” said Jeff Moseley, CEO, TAB. “Dennis has also led the charge and been a passionate advocate on the critical issues of immigration and NAFTA. Dennis is ready to lead the fight for a stronger, better, more competitive Texas.”

When Nixon took the helm at IBC in 1975 there was one location, 30 employees and $40 million in assets. Today, it has about 190 branches, more than 3,000 employees and about $12 billion in assets. The publicly traded company has five bank charters and 12 regional banking centers, including San Antonio where it operates 20 branches and employs more than 600 people. The San Antonio operation is part of its Laredo charter, which Nixon also heads.

“I am honored to receive this award and be held in the esteemed company of the past recipients,” said Nixon. “I believe everybody should have a chance to be successful in life. I have had that great fortune in my life and that is why I will continue to fight for issues impacting the communities and people in Texas.”

The Distinguished Business Leader Award Luncheon will take place on October 12 from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. The luncheon will be held at Jack Guenther pavilion at the Briscoe in San Antonio, TX. To attend or sponsor, please email Paula Romano at

About IBC

IBC Bank and Commerce Bank are divisions of International Bancshares Corporation (NASDAQ: IBOC), a $12.1 billion multi-bank financial holding company headquartered in Laredo, Texas, with 188 facilities and more than 291 ATMs serving 90 communities in Texas and Oklahoma. In 2016, IBC celebrated its 50th anniversary since opening its doors for business in 1966. IBC Bank’s slogan “We Do More” reflects the bank’s dedication to the growth and success of both the customers and the communities it serves. International Bancshares was ranked 19th on Forbes’ prestigious list of 100 Best Banks in America in 2018. MEMBER FDIC / INTERNATIONAL BANCSHARES CORPORATION. Visit us on our YouTube channel, IBCBankWeDoMore. More information is available at

TAB Statement on US Mexico Trade Agreement


“Today the Trump Administration announced the framework of a US-Mexico Trade Agreement that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. Texas’ trade partnership with Mexico creates 387,000 jobs and about $173 billion worth of goods exchanged between our two economies every year.  These figures are a result of the 540 percent growth in Texas-Mexico trade since NAFTA was signed in 1994.


As Texas employers and leaders we would like to congratulate the administration for their hard work in setting the stage for a renewal of the original NAFTA agreement for the 21st Century. We also would like to urge the Administration to continue to work with Canadian officials to solidify their support for the full renewal of a trilateral agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. We appreciate the continued great work of the Texas Congressional Delegation, led by Senate Finance Trade Subcommittee Chairman John Cornyn and House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady. We know they will do all they can to ensure a fair deal for Texas businesses.


Although there is still work to do, we are hopeful the Administration will finalize this critical agreement with our top trading partner. We look forward to continuing to work with the United States Trade Representative and the Department of Commerce to expand all trading opportunities for Texas business with Mexico, Canada and beyond.”

Statement from Jeff Moseley, President and CEO, Texas Association of Business on COA ruling on PSL lawsuit


“This is a huge victory for small business owners who know better than anyone how to hire and care for their workers. As the lead co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against the City of Austin’s overreaching paid sick leave ordinance, Texas Association of Business’ (TAB) focus is on jobs and paychecks. The 3rd Court of Appeals ruling to temporarily block the ordinance is a great step forward for Texas businesses.  The City of Austin should respect the Court’s ruling and stand down on all efforts to implement the ordinance, including outreach to businesses and public forums until the appeal process concludes.

This lawsuit is not about the implementation of the paid sick leave policy, but about local officials ignoring the economic concerns of small businesses, which are the heart of our state’s economy.  When local governments overstep their power with detrimental ordinances that are bad for business and our state’s economy, TAB must take action. We look forward to continuing this fight against overreaching mandates that negatively impact our business community.”

Andres Alcantar Named Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Texas Association of Business


Alcantar is former Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)


Texas Association of Business (TAB), the voice on public policy issues affecting Texas business, has hired former chairman and commissioner of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Andres Alcantar, as Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Operating Officer (COO).


“Andres brings an unmatched understanding of Texas business and workforce issues and has relationships across a broad spectrum of Texas industries, which makes his addition to our talented senior executive team as EVP & COO very exciting,” said Jeff Moseley, CEO, TAB. “As Chairman of the TWC, Andres developed a strong network of allies in cities, counties, chambers of commerce and economic development organizations.  No one has fought harder to bring jobs and paychecks to Texas than Andres!”


Alcantar’s work as chairman and commissioner at TWC was to implement customized services to meet the needs of Texas’ vast array of industries and advance the development of a strong and competitive workforce. He also worked to promote the expansion of industry-based partnerships that center on best practices to help workers and businesses succeed.


As a key component of future workforce competitiveness, Alcantar lead TWC preparing students for postsecondary careers to focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives.


“I have great respect for TAB, and their mission aligns perfectly with my experience,” Alcantar said. “The Association is the voice for Texas businesses in the public policy arena, and I am proud to accept this new leadership role where I will work to advance the interests of business, support job creation, and focus on growing TAB.”

View TWC Press release here.

Government Relations Professional and Corporate Attorney Joins Texas Association of Business (TAB)


James Hines Named Senior Vice President of Advocacy & General Counsel


Texas Association of Business (TAB) the voice on public policy issues affecting Texas business, has hired former corporate attorney and government affairs veteran, James Hines, as the new senior vice president of advocacy and in-house general counsel. 


In this role, Hines will be responsible for directing TAB's strategic policy and political engagement both in Texas and D.C. and will also serve as the association’s in-house general counsel and lead of TAB’s Litigation center.  


“James has tremendous insight and experience with the regulatory and legislative process across all industry sectors. He will be a strong advocate for Texas business,” said Jeff Moseley, CEO, Texas Association of Business.” TAB represents more than 4,000 members with 200 local chamber partners and $8 billion annually in business. James’s experience at the state and national level will further position TAB as the leading voice in Texas and Washington on behalf of Texas businesses, the backbone of our state’s economy.”


Hines most recently served as Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Copart which is headquartered in Dallas and operates at more than 200 locations in 11 countries.  In this role, he oversaw all state and federal government and regulatory affairs in the U.S.  


Early on in his career he also worked for Verizon and MCI in government affairs roles and practiced law and lobbied at a firm in the private sector.  Hines’ Capitol experience began when he worked for Governor George W. Bush as Ethics Advisor, Public Information Officer and Assistant General Counsel.


“I have a great respect for TAB and the mission,” Hines said. “The association continues to have a strong focus on advocacy, political engagement and competitiveness. I will work hard to keep government policy actions in-line with TAB’s bottom line of jobs and paychecks.”

Texas Association of Business Names First Hispanic Board Chairman


A San Antonio business leader has taken the helm of the board of directors at the Texas Association of Business, the largest business advocacy group in the Lone Star State — and, increasingly, one focused on making sure the voices of business are heard at the Texas State Capitol.

Zachry Group Vice President of External Affairs A.J. Rodriguez was recently elected to the position at TAB, which is headquartered in Austin but represents companies across the state. Rodriguez is based in San Antonio. Serving a one-year term that started on New Year’s Day, Rodriguez succeeds Gary Gibson, chief financial officer of Houston-based Star Furniture Co.

“It is a great time to be doing business in Texas,” Rodriguez said in a statement. “With participation, investment, and support from Texas business leaders, I have no doubt we will be able to continue TAB’s excellent record as the voice of public policy for Texas businesses in Austin and D.C.”

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