The importance of electing strong leaders into legislative office is key to the bottom line of Texas’ businesses. To educate Texas voters about issues and candidates means investing resources and mobilizing TAB members and local chamber partners to reach millions of employees, with the ultimate goal of electing leaders who will protect the Texas business climate.

The Texas Association of Business Political Action Committee (TXBiz PAC (State) TXBiz FEDPAC (Federal)) is the largest general business association PAC in Texas. An essential part of TAB’s advocacy efforts are contributions of investors to support candidates and office holders that are Pro-Texas, Pro-Business.


TXBIZ PAC needs funding support to continue to grow the pro-business leaders in the Texas Legislature.

Endorsements are made by TXBiz PAC based on the following criteria:

  • Key votes or platforms on issues of importance to the business community

  • A demonstrated willingness to sponsor or advocate for legislation of importance to business, as well as avoid sponsoring/supporting bills harmful to business

  • Holding position(s) of leadership within their chambers and caucuses

  • General accessibility and willingness to meet with and discuss issues with representatives of the business community

  • Voting Scorecard/position on key issues compared to voter preferences within their legislative districts

  • Professional backgrounds and experiences in businesses

  • General electability in their current races

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