Advocacy is essential to business’ bottom line. State and federal policies and regulations are being decided each day in Texas and Washington, D.C. but, most companies do not have the time or resources to advocate for themselves. Not until a regulation, law, or ordinance impedes the growth of business do they see the need for advocacy and its importance to a business’s bottom line.

Texas Association of Business is the business’s voice focusing on issues that will collectively benefit the state’s business climate.

State Priorities

The Texas Association of Business is proud to represent businesses during Legislative Sessions.

TXBIZ has been on the forefront of ensuring Texas is the best place to work, run a business and raise a family. TXBIZ supports initiatives that encourage economic growth and provide good paying jobs for more Texans. TXBIZ opposes legislation that threatens the economy of Texas.

Preview TXBIZ extensive list of priorities, which is a snapshot of the issues that TXBIZ support in any given legislative session.

Federal Priorities

​The Texas Association of Business lobbies in Washington, D.C. representing the voice of Texas businesses. TXBIZ federal priorities represent Texas issues at a national level.

TXBIZ proudly fights for employers every step of the way, with a healthy business climate comes a strong tax base for the state; a friendly regulatory environment for businesses; improved access to a world-class education; more career opportunities during times of prosperity; and, most importantly, a better quality of life for Texas families.