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Texas Second Chance Employers Coalition

The TAB second chance hiring initiative’s vision is to create and mobilize a network of second chance employers and employers interested in implementing second chance hiring practices. This initiative will help Texas employers meet their workforce needs, boost the Texas economy, and improve the business environment by expanding the workforce talent pool. With this initiative, the TAB Foundation will lead the Texas effort to educate the community and employers on the impact of second chance hiring from the economic and business perspective. The TAB Foundation will provide the necessary tools for employers to implement successful second chance hiring business practices, and streamline national, state, and local resources.

The Texas Second Chance Employers Coalition is a network of businesses engaging in and motivating other businesses to participate in second chance hiring. The coalition will work together with employers to connect them with service providers and relevant state agencies to assist with successful implementation efforts.

Benefits for employers that choose to implement second chance hiring practices:

  1. Increase your return on investment – second chance employees have a higher retention rate than employees without a criminal record.

  2. Extend your candidate pool to include a mostly untapped group of talented and reliable candidates.

State Resources for Re-entry:

Re-entry resource guide

Website for Work

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TDCJ YouTube Success Stories:

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