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"No one is getting something up front, they have to do the project [in order to receive Chapter 313 tax breaks]. Any company that wants to invest (large amounts of money) in the state of Texas—welcome. Today is a good day to announce those plans."

Chambers Across the State Support an Economic Development Program for Capital Intensive Projects

The Texas Association of Business and the following Chambers of Commerce support a new, modern, and transparent economic development program that will ensure Texas’ economic security, promote technological and manufacturing independence from foreign nations, help solve the supply chain and shortage crisis, and create new capital investments in our communities, giving our children greater opportunities and local schools additional resources.

Why a replacement econo
mic development incentive is critical to maintaining the Texas Miracle:

  • Brings investment and builds entire ecosystems/supply chains.

  • Texas cannot rely on another country for basic supplies or advanced technological needs.

  • Replacing 313 would be a boon for national security, our supply chain, technological superiority, energy security, and overall economic advantage.

States across the country have copied Texas’ incentive-based program, which expired at the end of 2022, leaving the Lone Star State without the tools it needs to compete in a 21st century global economy. When there is a level playing field, Texas always wins. Texas must offer temporary tax discounts to win these critical projects to support jobs and our local communities, including our schools.

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