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TAB, TVA, SNC Forge Strategic Alliance to Boost Innovation and Business Partnerships Between Texas and Israel

AUSTIN, TEXAS – In a groundbreaking move aimed at fostering innovation and bolstering business ties between Texas and Israel, the Texas Association of Business (TAB), the Texas Venture Alliance (TVA), and StartUp Nation Central (SNC) have inked a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


The signing ceremony, held earlier this morning, marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to facilitate shared knowledge, explore business opportunities, and establish partnerships between companies in Texas and Israel, as well as within the venture community.


Massey Villarreal, Chairman of TAB, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration reflects our vision of transforming the Start-up Nation into the Scale-Up Nation."


Avi Hasson, CEO of StartUp Nation Central, echoed Villarreal's sentiments, saying, "Israel is eager to leverage this partnership to enhance its startup ecosystem and explore new markets, with high expectations for the collaboration with Texas."


CS Freeland, CEO of Texas Venture Alliance, emphasized the potential for joint ventures, saying, "We eagerly anticipate hosting a joint delegation from Israel, led by SNC, at next year's Venture Gala in Texas. The possibilities are limitless, and we are committed to facilitating a smooth entry into the market."

Immediately following the signing ceremony, TAB hosted a delegation of Israeli energy companies in collaboration with the BIRD Foundation and Israel's Ministry of Economy, underscoring the tangible outcomes of this strategic alliance.


Orna Avraham, Israel's Economic Minister to the Southwest, commended the warm reception of Israeli companies in Texas, stating, "The business climate in Texas is incredibly welcoming, and we look forward to further collaborations with TAB."


Glenn Hamer, CEO of the Texas Association of Business, emphasized the solidarity between Texas and Israel, saying, "In these challenging times, we stand with Israel, and we believe this partnership will mutually benefit both regions."


David Yaari, Vice Chairman of Keren Kayemet Le'Israel - Jewish National Fund, emphasized the timely nature of the partnership, stating, "Now is the opportune moment to forge sustainable partnerships between Israel and Texas, two states known for their straight talk and commitment to expanding commerce and trade."


As the eighth-largest economy in the world, Texas offers immense opportunities for collaboration and growth.



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