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TXBIZ PAC Endorsed Governor Greg Abbott

Austin — The political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business, TXBIZ PAC, today endorsed Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“The TXBIZ PAC Board endorses candidates that protect Texas’ pro-business climate. On behalf of companies of every size and industry, TXBIZ PAC advocates for policies that encourage economic development and promote job growth. Governor Abbott is a proven leader who works alongside the business community. We are proud to endorse him for re-election,” said TXBIZ PAC Chairman Brett Graham. “Governor Abbott is a tireless champion for Texas job creators. He understands that over-regulation and increased taxation are kryptonite to economic health. On his watch, taxes are light and regulatory barriers are low. For 17 consecutive years, the Lone Star State has been named the Best State for Business, and with Governor Abbott at the helm, Texas will retain that title for years to come,” said TAB CEO Glenn Hamer

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TXBIZ PAC is the political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business. TXBIZ PAC prides itself on supporting candidates who will nurture the business environment in Texas. TXBIZ PAC endorses and supports candidatesacross both legislative and statewide races. Follow the Texas Association of Business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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