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TAB’s New Partnership with Special Olympics Texas Will Enhance Opportunities for Businesses and Often-Overlooked Texans

Texas boasts a reputation as a global business powerhouse, but our strength lies not just in our booming economic growth but also in our unwavering belief in the potential of every individual living here. Regardless of background or circumstance, every Texan should have the chance to thrive and contribute meaningfully to our state's prosperity, and we are committed to providing them with every possible opportunity to do so.


That’s why, earlier this week, we were extremely proud to join Special Olympics Texas (SOTX) in signing a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work collaboratively in promoting workforce development opportunities for disabled Texans in partnership with TAB members. This includes promoting the hiring and training of these individuals across various industries.


With this shared vision in mind, we will seek to empower individuals with disabilities by cultivating sustainable and inclusive workforce opportunities for them, while also collaborating on policies that support Texans with disabilities and enhancing awareness of the capabilities and potential they offer in the workforce. This new agreement underscores our joint commitment to creating pathways to employment for Texans with disabilities, who are integral members of our communities and are too often overlooked.


“What we hope to accomplish is to help Texans with disabilities find jobs and give employers an opportunity to hire them, and they’ll find out that they’ll be very productive individuals,” former Texas Secretary of State and TAB board officer Rolando Pablos said following Monday’s signing ceremony. Secretary Pablos’ dual role on the SOTX Board of Directors brings invaluable insight to this partnership, which underscores the symbiotic relationship between businesses and organizations advocating for inclusivity:


“It’s imperative that we find ways to create opportunities proactively and intentionally for Texans with disabilities to support our businesses, and vice versa. As a passionate advocate for this community, I am proud to see the business community working hand-in-hand with the incredible team at SOTX to further enrich our Texas workforce while enriching the lives of Texans with disabilities. This partnership will help Texas businesses unlock opportunities for community development and help our fellow Texans achieve lifelong, stable career paths to enrich prosperity for all.”


Demonstrating the broad commitment of Texas leaders, we were proud to be joined by Texas Workforce Commissioner (TWC) representing employers, Joe Esparza, as well as State Representative John Lujan (HD-118) and  Workforce Solutions Alamo CEO Adrian Lopez to kick off this important new partnership. Under the leadership of CEO Tim Martin, SOTX is continuing to do a fantastic job to support Texans with disabilities and their families, and we are proud to work with his team to help further cultivate a new generation of the Texas workforce.


Our goal is clear: to build a Texas where every door is open, every voice is heard, and every Texan can thrive. Through pragmatic initiatives and sustained collaboration, we aim to make this vision a reality, creating a robust workforce landscape that recognizes the immense talent and untapped potential in all of our communities.

Read the full agreement on the new TAB-SOTX partnership here.




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