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Economic Development is a Team Sport, and Texas Has the Best Team in the Nation

After celebrating Economic Development Week from May 6 to 10 here in the Lone Star State, it's the perfect time to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked upon, thanks to the innovative and decisive leadership of our state's leaders, including Governor Greg Abbott and his chief Economic Development officer, Adriana Cruz. Their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have ensured that Texas remains not just a contender, but a top-10 leader amongst the largest economic powerhouses globally.


The evidence of our success speaks volumes. For two decades running, Texas has been consistently hailed as the Best State for Business, a feat that speaks to our consistently pro-business regulatory climate. Additionally, our state has received numerous accolades, including our recent record-breaking twelfth consecutive Governor's Cup underscores the unwavering dedication of our economic development teams at every level – including the more than 1,000 economic development organizations and chambers across the state, as well as our many regional economic development councils.


As Cruz made clear this week, “economic development is a team sport.” Luckily, Texas has the best team in the nation.

TAB President & CEO Glenn Hamer and Adriana Cruz, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism

Economic Development Week serves as an opportune moment to honor these professionals' invaluable contributions and rally support for their initiatives. From local to statewide levels, economic development teams have been instrumental in fostering business growth through a myriad of incentives, innovative programs, and unparalleled service that help businesses thrive in the Lone Star State, regardless of their size.


As Governor Abbott recently said in an official proclamation, "These historic achievements are, in large part, a result of the character of our people. Texans are honest, dependable, hardworking, ambitious, and fiercely independent." This sentiment rings true as we acknowledge that our success is intricately tied to the caliber and quality of our citizens.


In Texas, the American Dream is not just a distant aspiration – it's a living, breathing reality. Here, every individual, regardless of background, is afforded the opportunity to define and achieve their version of success. Our state values and takes significant strides to protect freedom, ensuring that each Texan can chart their own path towards prosperity.

Governor Abbott signs the Texas CHIPS Act into law alongside regional economic development organizations and state leaders.



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