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Businesses Urge CBP to Resume Rail Operations at Eagle Pass and El Paso

Austin, TX – The Texas Association of Business (TAB) President and CEO, Glenn Hamer, released the following statement in response to railway crossing closures issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

“This is a short-sighted, half-baked decision that will not make a dent in illegal migration but will cause economic harm to everyday Americans. On behalf of the business community, TAB urges CBP to reopen railway crossing operations at El Paso and Eagle Pass to resume the flow of legal, everyday goods to American citizens.”

TAB sent a letter to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the Texas delegation, recognizing the importance of a secure border and underscoring the economic case for resuming rail operations.

Eagle Pass and El Paso are the No. 2 and No. 3 rail gateways, moving roughly 450,000 rail shipments annually. Nearly 10,000 railcars in Mexico and the U.S. are being held from one day's closure alone. Eagle Pass and El Paso account for a total of $33.95 billion or 35.8% of all cross-border rail traffic to/from Mexico in the most recent 12 months of available US DOT transborder data. A wide diversity of industries such as food/beverage, finished vehicles and auto parts, agriculture, grain, consumer goods, and other industrial products will be heavily impacted. 


TAB is the Texas State Chamber, representing companies of every size and industry. The Association's purpose is to champion the best business climate in the world, unleashing the power of free enterprise to enhance lives for generations. Follow TAB onFacebook, Twitter, andLinkedIn.


Media Contact:

Katie Zarate

Director of Communications

Texas Association of Business



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