Who is Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition (TMTC)?

The Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition (TMTC) represents businesses and associations across the state of Texas and Mexico. TMTC is dedicated to fortifying the uniquely strong economic relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, and providing further opportunities for deepening economic integration.


Both Texas and Mexico have seen their economies grow since NAFTA went into effect in 1994. With the ratification of USCMA, TMTC will continue to advocate for a US-Mexico relationship that incorporates recent technological advances and changes in certain sectors – without interrupting the $1.3 trillion in annual trade across the border.

With more than 700,000  jobs and about $110 billion worth of goods to Mexico annually, equating to up to 40% of Texas’ total exports, our state has the most to lose if this relationship is not treated with the seriousness it deserves.  A strong relationship with Mexico ensures Texas' ongoing economic vitality.


  • Jobs

    700,000 Jobs

    Supports nearly 12 million American jobs due to trade with Mexico and Canada.

  • Texas Economy

    #1 Export Status

    $173 billion worth of goods exchanged between Texas-Mexico region every year.

  • U.S. Small Business

    Selling due to trade

    Increased profitability expansion and in-sector economic growth.

  • Consumers

    Improved Quality

    Lower price



TMTC members are the driving force that continually position Texas as an international leader. TMTC helps to foster relationships, policy and access to the state’s number one trading partner, Mexico. We are working at the highest level with the Biden administration to bring the right people to the table to advance and cultivate the Texas-Mexico relationship.


As a member of TMTC, you gain direct access to decision-makers, legislators, policymakers, state government officials, and municipal and private industry leaders who are all invested in the Texas-Mexico relationship.


Through the work of TMTC and our diverse membership and leadership, TMTC members meet on bi-national and multi-agency issues to address and navigate challenges facing Texas-Mexico relations, promote joint projects and develop action plans that have a positive impact on the future of the Lone Star State.


Connections made through TMTC lead to collaborative and lasting relationships that result in mutually beneficial working partnerships. Throughout the year, TMTC events to connect and come together around shared goals.

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