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With More Veterans Than Any Other State, Texas Workforce and Business Environment is Enriched by Those Who Have Served

Texas welcomes those who have served our nation with open arms. We are proud and committed to honoring their sacrifices while continuing to help them transition from military to civilian life, whether it’s entering our world-class workforce or becoming entrepreneurs. Recent data from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) indicates that the Lone Star State is home to the largest veteran population in the United States, with over 1.5 million of our nation’s heroes calling Texas home. 


As highly skilled team players with impeccable values and work ethic, veterans are key to powering our state’s economic engine across all sectors.


With more than 15 military bases hosting various military branches – including the U.S. Army, Air Force and National Guard – the Lone Star State offers a robust support network and a variety of resources to help veterans leverage their experience and expertise to further enrich our state’s workforce and economic growth. Likewise, employers, local governments, educational institutions, and business organizations across the state offer a variety of pathways to help veterans seamlessly integrate into civilian life – whether it’s through health care assistance, education, or new employment opportunities.


In recent years, Texas has expanded the tools it offers to help veterans succeed as they pivot into the workforce or seek out entrepreneurial opportunities.


Through TWC’s Texas Veterans Leadership Program, returning veterans are connected directly with a robust resource and referral network so they can consider a wide variety of employment opportunities that match their unique skillsets. “A lot of times, unfortunately, [veterans] are told ‘here’s your list, have a happy life,’” Charles Connor, one of the program’s regional managers said. “We will build a list for someone, but we will also walk them through the process. We work with that veteran to find out what their specific needs are and help them get that assistance.”


For women who have previously served and currently own a business or are attempting to start one, the Veteran Woman Grant offered by Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is an annual opportunity to receive financial assistance to support their business ventures. This week, TWU announced the 2024 grant winners, who are eligible to use the grant funds for the purchase of equipment and technology, acquisition of new inventory or raw materials, purchase and installation of fixtures or display units, property improvements, marketing, or other business-related activities.


Additionally, job fairs specifically designed to connect Texas employers with prospective veteran employees take place across the state, including TWC’s Hiring Red, White & You hiring event that has worked with more than 20,000 employers, connected more than 114,000 job seekers to meaningful job opportunities, and facilitated approximately 3,200 same-day hires since its inception.


By streamlining the hiring process and connecting this population to potential employers, Texas is ensuring that veterans’ leadership, experience, and skills can be used to further enhance our state’s robust and dynamic workforce.







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