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“It’s not political. It’s business.”
- Massey Villarreal, President & CEO of Precision Task Group and Vice Chairman of TAB Board of Directors  -


TAB is the voice for all Texas businesses 

We work in a bipartisan manner to vigorously protect Texas’ pro-business climate. 


Everyone has a seat at the TAB table!


  • TAB builds coalitions with key stakeholders, industry experts, trade associations, and our local
    chamber of commerce partners. 

  • TAB gets the right people in the room to amplify business voices, collaborate and create blueprints for solutions.


Core Principles 

  • Ensure a light regulatory environment and tax structure for businesses of every size and industry. 

  • Maximize employers’ opportunity to grow jobs, increase wages, and give back to their communities. 

  • Build a sustainable and inclusive workforce by enhancing the education system and encouraging 

       second chance hiring.

  • Support business growth through sensible immigration and trade policies as well as economic
    development incentives.

  • Fortify infrastructure including energy, transportation, water and broadband. 


State Priorities

Federal Priorities

State Priorities

Federal Priorities

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