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Billboard Follow-Up Information
Date:  12/12/2011
ArticleType:  Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact:  Bill Hammond
December 12, 2011   Phone: (512) 637-7701


Update to Community College Billboard Story

Numbers from Higher Education Coordinating Board
shows serious long-term completion problem

AUSTIN, TX One of the responses to TAB’s criticism of low completion rates at community colleges is that most of the students are only going part-time.  Here are statewide average six year completion rates for part-time students.

  • Only 24% of students who started as PART-TIME at a community college in 2004 graduated with a degree or certificate within six years of enrolling (this includes those that earned a BA after transferring).
  • A full 62% of all the PART-TIME students who enrolled in 2004 were out of higher education altogether by the six year mark—no degree and no long enrolled—in other words, “dropouts”.
  • This data counts ONLY those students who told registrar that their purpose was to earn a certificate or degree.

Bottom line: No matter how you slice it, about two-thirds of students who want to earn a postsecondary award upon enrolling at a community college never do, no matter how you count them or over what period of time.

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