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Tort Reform

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Oppose attempts to abrogate business contracts or threats to the availability of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration. Oppose attempts to impose binding arbitration on labor disputes between employers and employees.

Asbestos. Support legislation that would require asbestos personal injury settlement trusts authorized by federal bankruptcy law to disclose information on their claims on a quarterly basis and respond to information requests from parties to asbestos litigation.

Class action lawsuits. Reform class action rules.

Federal preemption. Support the use of federal regulatory authority to preempt state common law claims for damages that are inconsistent with legal reform. Preemptions allows companies doing business in other states to operate under one set of rules rather than having to accommodate varying and perhaps even conflicting rules in each state.

Frivolous lawsuits. Discourage frivolous lawsuits.

Joint and several liability. Limit the application of joint and several liability.

Mold claims. Support reasonable Congressional solutions to address mold claims and the effect on the availability and affordability of insurance.

Punitive and non-economic damages. Reform rules pertaining to punitive and non-economic damages as well as contingency fees.

Tort reform. Encourage the appointment of judges who will support rational limits on damage awards in all cases, including employment-related litigation, and support legislation to strengthen and extend state and federal Supreme Court rulings regarding the reasonableness of punitive damage awards in all types of cases.