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Certainly, when we look at the great work that TAB has done, we should all feel very proud and grateful.

Thao Costis, President and CEO Thao Costis, President and CEO SEARCH Homeless Services
We appreciate our 2017 top cornerstone investors!
TX Assn. of Business @txbiz

"There were no known incidents of bathroom assaults performed by men posing as trans-gender women." - @SATXPolice Chief William McManus

Texas Association of Business @txbiz

“I am here today to oppose the so-called bathroom bill. It doesn’t address a problem of bathroom predators, because there is no problem of men dressing as women to assault women in public restrooms. It doesn’t make us safer, it creates confusion for ordinary citizens, complicates law enforcement’s job, and puts a target on the backs of LGBT Texans. It solves no problems, while creating a host of new ones. And worst of all, it facilitates discrimination.” - Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo