TXBIZ PAC is the voice of business that represents your political interests at the state level through direct contributions to candidates and advocating pro-business issues. TXBIZ PAC may only accept personal or non-corporate contributions.

There is no limit to what an individual may contribute to TXBIZ PAC. Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, or foreign nationals, who have not been granted permanent residence in the United States, are not acceptable. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Any investment over $100 is considered a MEMBER of TXBIZ PAC. Levels are based on cumulative annual giving in a calendar year. Members are able to fulfill their commitment with payments over the course of one year.

For More Information: Kate Doner • kdoner@txbiz.org • (512) 476-4403 or (254) 233-9698 (fax)