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TXBIZ PAC Released Supreme Court Endorsements

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Austin —The political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business, TXBIZ PAC, today released its endorsements for the Supreme Court of Texas:

Justice Debra Lehrmann, Place 3

Justice Rebecca Huddle, Place 5

Justice Evan Young, Place 9

“The TXBIZ PAC carefully considers endorsements for individuals seeking judicial office as we know the important role they play to ensure equal justice for all Texans,” said TXBIZ PAC Chairman Brett Graham. “It is important to the business community to have justices who make decisions based on the rule of law, and not politics. TXBIZ PAC has made these endorsements because these individuals have demonstrated the ability to serve with integrity and impartiality on behalf of all Texans across this great state.”

TXBIZ PAC is the political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business. TXBIZ PAC prides itself on supporting candidates who will nurture the business environment in Texas. TXBIZ PAC endorses and supports candidates across both legislative and statewide races. Follow the Texas Association of Business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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