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TXBIZ PAC-Endorsed Candidates Sweep Election Day

Austin — The political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business (TXBIZ PAC) celebrates the newly elected, pro-business leaders.

An astounding 95 percent of those endorsed by the TXBIZ PAC were victorious:

“The TXBIX PAC congratulates its endorsed candidates on their hard-fought election victories,” said TXBIZ PAC Chairman Brett Graham. “We are grateful to all these leaders who are fighting to protect and enhance the state’s pro-business climate. As we enter the 88th Legislative Session, it is imperative that the Lone Star State maintain its status as the premier economic destination in America. To that end, we will work alongside the House, Senate, Speaker Phelan, Lt. Governor Patrick, and Governor Abbott to secure a new economic development tool to attract jobs and create new capital investments in our communities, giving our children greater opportunities and local schools additional resources.” To view a full list of the candidates endorsed by the TXBIZ PAC visit

Greg Abbott, Governor Dan Patrick, Lt. Governor Glenn Hegar, Comptroller Dawn Buckingham, Land Commissioner Justice Debra Lehrmann, Place 3 Justice Rebecca Huddle, Place 5 Justice Evan Young, Place 9 SD 1 Bryan Hughes SD 3 Robert Nichols SD 4 Brandon Creighton SD 5 Charles Schwertner SD 6 Carol Alvarado SD 8 Angela Paxton SD 9 Kelly Hancock SD 10 Phil King SD 11 Mayes Middleton SD 12 Tan Parker SD 16 Nathan Johnson SD 17 Joan Huffman SD 18 Lois Kolkhorst SD 20 Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa SD 21 Judith Zaffirini SD 22 Brian Birdwell SD 24 Pete Flores SD 25 Donna Campbell DS 26 Jose Menendez SD 27 Morgan LaMantia

SD 28 Charles Perry SD 29 Cesar Blanco SD 30 Drew Springer HD 1 Gary VanDeaver HD 3 Cecil Bell HD 4 Keith Bell HD 5 Cole Hefner HD 7 Jay Dean HD 8 Cody Harris HD 9 Trent Ashby HD 11 Travis Clardy HD 12 Kyle Kacal HD 13 Angelia Orr HD 14 John Raney HD 16 William Metcalf HD 17 Stan Gerdes HD 18 Ernest Bailes HD 19 Ellen Troxclair HD 21 Dade Phelan HD 24 Greg Bonnen HD 26 Jacey Jetton HD 29 Ed Thompson HD 30 Geanie Morrison HD 31 Ryan Guillen HD 32 Todd Hunter HD 33 Justin Holland HD 35 Oscar Longoria HD 37 Janie Lopez HD 40 Terry Canales

HD 43 J.M. Lozano HD 44 John Kuempel HD 52 Caroline Harris HD 53 Andrew Murr HD 60 Glenn Rogers HD 54 Brad Buckley HD 55 Hugh Shine HD 56 “Doc” Anderson HD 57 Richard Hayes HD 58 DeWayne Burns HD 59 Shelby Slawson HD 60 Glenn Rogers HD 61 Frederick Frazier HD 62 Reggie Smith HD 63 Ben Bumgarner HD 64 Lynn Stucky HD 65 Kronda Thimesch HD 67 Jeff Leach HD 68 David Spiller HD 69 James Frank HD 71 Stan Lambert HD 72 Drew Darby HD 74 Eddie Morales HD 76 Suleman Lalani HD 80 Tracy O King HD 81 Brooks Landgraf HD 82 Tom Craddick HD 83 Dustin Burrows HD 84 Carl Tepper

HD 85 Stan Kitzman HD 86 John Smithee HD 87 Walter “Four” Price HD 88 Ken King HD 89 Candy Noble HD 91 Stephanie Klick HD 92 Salman Bhojani HD 96 David Cook HD 97 Craig Goldman HD 98 Giovanni Capriglione HD 99 Charlie Geren HD 108 Morgan Meyer HD 109 Carl Sherman Sr. HD 112 Angie Chen Button HD 113 Rhetta Andrews Bowers HD 117 Philip Cortez HD 118 John Lujan HD 120 Barbara Gervin-Hawkins HD 121 Steve Allison HD 125 Ray Lopez HD 126 Sam Harless HD 127 Charles Cunningham HD 129 Dennis Paul HD 130 Tom Oliverson HD 132 Mike Schofield HD 133 Mano DeAyala HD 138 Lacey Hull HD 139 Jarvis Johnson HD 142 Harold Dutton

TXBIZ PAC is the political action committee representing the Texas Association of Business. TXBIZ PAC prides itself on supporting candidates who will nurture the business environment in Texas. TXBIZ PAC endorses and supports candidates across both legislative and statewide races.


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