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Texas Continues to Lead Nation in Job Growth, Tripling National Average

As we all know, everything is bigger in Texas. But in April, our job growth rate not only outpaced the national average – we tripled it. With 42,600 non-farm jobs added last month, Texas has reached a new high for total jobs at 14,159,000, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


This incredible accomplishment demonstrates not only the hard work of our citizens but also the impact of smart policies that support our businesses and communities. We are witnessing record-high levels across the board, marking historic milestones for filled jobs, employed Texans, and the civilian labor force in Texas.


Job growth across diverse sectors including education, health services, transportation, and business services last month alone underscores the dynamic strength Texas economy and foreshadows a promising upward trajectory. This accomplishment highlights the Texas’ workforce’s ingenuity, innovation, and resilience, even amid challenging national economic headwinds.


However, it doesn’t stop there. This isn't merely a one-time accomplishment but rather a sustained trend, marking the 37th consecutive month of positive annual job growth in Texas. From April of 2023 to now, Texas can boast the creation of a staggering 306,000 new jobs, which offer hope and economic prosperity to countless individuals and families.


This growth also isn't confined to specific regions; rather, it permeates throughout our state, from bustling urban centers to rural communities. The Midland area's record-low unemployment rate of just 2.2% showcases the inclusive nature of our economic success and how it reaches every corner of our state.


As Governor Abbott made clear when celebrating the record-breaking April job growth: “Of all the top rankings for Texas, one matters most: More Texans are working than ever before, and that means more opportunity for more Texas families to prosper. With continuing, critical investments in education, infrastructure, and workforce development, we are working together to build a bigger, better Texas for decades to come.”


To ensure we can sustain this remarkable growth and to enable more Texans to contribute to our thriving economy, state leaders should bear in mind that policy matters. Sound pro-business policies that support innovation and job creators have helped the business community cultivate this remarkable success, and it is imperative that we continue advocating for policies that foster business development and support our ever-growing workforce.

Let’s keep Texas the best state to live and work in!



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