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Texas cities see job, economic growth thanks to lenient pandemic policies

Dan Hillsdon with Fox Business came to TAB headquarters to interview Glenn Hamer on the roaring Texas economy. "People and businesses know that if they come to Texas, they're going to stay open." Hamer explained that in other states, companies can be regulated out of existence. Thankfully Texas has a pro-business governor and legislature to protect the economic climate. Small business owners in Bastrop testified to the state's economic recovery and exploding population. "People are coming in droves," said Kevin Plunkett, owner of Piney Creek Chop House and The Old Town Restaurant. At the Pyrology Foundry and Studio owner Kemper Morrow Jr. shared that he has been hiring more and more people as they're available. The tight labor market has affected businesses of every size and industry. While it is still an issue for Texas employers, the Lone Star State is fortunate to have a strong workforce that's fueled by rapid population growth. Watch the Fox Business interviews here.

Katie Greer, Director of Communications


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