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Texas Association of Business Chambers of Commerce Foundation Names David Emerick as Chairman

Stephanie Matthews to Become Executive Director

Austin, TX – The Texas Association of Business (TAB) announced that David Emerick, Executive Director of State and Local Government Relations for J.P. Morgan Chase, has been named Chairman of the Texas Association of Business Chambers of Commerce Foundation (TABCCF). TAB’s current Executive Vice President, Stephanie Matthews, will become Executive Director of the Foundation while remaining active in advocacy as a senior advisor to TAB. TABCCF is a 501(c)(3) that focuses on advancing the research and educational objectives of the state chamber, which serves as the leading voice for businesses in Texas.


“I look forward to leading this collaborative effort and witnessing the positive impact the reinvigorated TAB Foundation will continue to have on businesses across all sectors in our state,” said future chairman, David Emerick. “Together, we are charting a course towards greater growth and prosperity for Texas.”


At the core of the foundation's mission is the advancement of solutions that shape Texas' future economy and address issues that impact businesses in the Lone Star State. With a comprehensive approach, the Foundation focuses on key areas including talent, education, innovation, economic diversity, infrastructure, business climate, governance, and quality of life. By addressing these critical issues, the foundation contributes to the development of an increasingly robust and resilient economic ecosystem in Texas.


“We are proud to be refocusing the TAB Foundation to embrace a forward-thinking vision that will positively impact generations to come,” said Stephanie Matthews. “I’m committed to the mission of studying and promoting initiatives that will keep Texas the best state to live, work and raise a family.”


To learn more about TABCCF, click here.



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