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TAB Board Hears from Texas Lieutenant Governor and Tamaulipas Governor

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Blog by: Katie G. Zarate, Communications Director

We were honored to host Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, the Governor of Tamaulipas, Américo Villarreal, and Secretary of Economic Development for Tamaulipas, Ninfa Cantú, at TAB's Fourth Quarter Board Meeting.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick participated in a candid conversation with TAB board members, answering questions on TAB's top priorities, particularly related to the budget surplus and tax relief strategies. The Lieutenant Governor also shared his legislative priorities. To name a few:

- Strengthening the electric grid (ensuring sufficient dispatchable power)

- Delivering property tax relief

- Expanding the state's personal property exemption

- Increasing homestead exemption

- Funding small county law enforcement

- Expanding mental health care access

The office of Governor Américo Villarreal gave a presentation on the many economic benefits of doing business with Tamaulipas, including a strong supplier base and great connectivity through international crossings, deep water ports, and international airports. It was noted that the government offers an incentive program to attract business to the state. The Governor participated in a Q&A, noting that both of our states share oversized roles in global trade. Most of Texas' trade goes through Tamaulipas.

TAB appreciates our Texas leaders and global partners for participating in our board meetings. It is a wonderful opportunity to unite the public and private sectors -- strengthening the business climate.


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