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TAB Thanks Texas Senate for Leading on Business Freedom and Uniformity Act

Texas Association of Business CEO, Glenn Hamer, today praised the Texas Senate for passing Senate Bill 14, the Business Freedom and Uniformity Act, which will establish a consistent regulatory climate across Texas and prevent local governments from imposing burdensome mandates on employers. Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) is carrying the bill, which will now head to the Texas House for consideration.

“TAB applauds Senator Creighton for his hard work in passing this critical bill which will provide greater certainty to businesses across Texas,” said TAB CEO, Glenn Hamer. “As Texas emerges from COVID-19, enterprises need government to establish an environment that allows them to flourish and that is exactly what SB 14 does. We are grateful to the Senator and Lt. Governor Patrick for leading on this issue and look forward to working with Speaker Phelan and the entire House of Representatives to get this bill to Governor Abbott’s desk as quickly as possible.”


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