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Special Legislative Committees to Examine Critical Issues Impacting Texas’ Technology and Energy Industries

Next week, two newly formed Select Committees in the Texas House of Representatives will begin their work on addressing policy areas critical to Texas' economic future.


AI and Emerging Technology


On Monday, April 29th, the Texas House Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies is set to hold its inaugural hearing, marking a crucial step in harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies to support business operations while ensuring smart, well-informed, and forward-looking policies related to AI. This work will be particularly important in ensuring that future policy decisions regarding AI and emerging technologies will continue to cultivate an economic environment that encourages economic growth and job creation for Texas.


recent survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that AI is becoming increasingly important for small businesses, upon which the strength of the Texas economy relies. In fact, the survey found that approximately 25% of small businesses are already leveraging AI, and the benefits are tangible, leading to improved performance and heightened prospects of increased profit. It also found that businesses utilizing AI saw a 12-point increase in their likelihood of profit growth over non-AI users.


AI holds tremendous potential when it comes to addressing some of our planet's most prominent issues. With advancements in this technology, entire sectors of the Texas economy, from health care to agriculture, stand to undergo a major transformation. Lawmakers should be cautious when considering policies that would stifle innovative technology leaders in Texas, as we could very well lose out on billions in economic growth and cede our technology leadership to global adversaries.


LNG Export ‘Pause’


On Thursday, May 2nd, the House Select Committee on Protecting Texas LNG Exports will convene to begin discussing ways to study and address the disastrous effects of the Biden administration’s temporary ‘pause’ on new export approvals of liquified natural gas (LNG). As TAB has made clear before, this misguided decision is nothing less than a direct hit to the Texas economy, and undermines Texas’ energy leadership supported by our "all-of-the-above" approach. 


For Texans, LNG exports are not merely a matter of economic opportunity—they're a cornerstone of the state's energy dominance and economic vitality. As an established leader in LNG production with numerous projects in the pipeline, any uncertainty in future export opportunities has enormous trickle-down effects for entire economies along the Texas Gulf Coast and beyond. These obstacles will only undermine our state's ability to sustain our robust economic growth and support our ever-growing economy.


Both of next week’s Select Committee hearings embody Texas’ commitment to proactive policymaking and strategic foresight to support the needs of businesses and protect the principles that have led to our state’s unbridled economic growth: supporting innovation and limiting the size of government. We applaud Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan for prioritizing these key policy discussions during the interim and look forward to working with all Committee members to ensure the needs of the Texas business community are reflected in any future recommendations.


As the Committees work to develop their respective agendas ahead of the 89th Legislature, TAB stands ready to collaborate, advocate, and champion policies that prioritize the best interests of Texas businesses and all the communities in which they operate.




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