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Senator Nathan Johnson Addresses Business Priorities

Senator Nathan Johnson (D-Dallas) led a conversation on the business community’s policy priorities at the TAB TxLege Breakfast Series. Senator Johnson is Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Jurisprudence. He also serves on Administration, Business & Commerce, Water, Agriculture & Rural Affairs, as well as the Sunset Advisory Commission. "The point of all legislation is to make Texas a better place to live," Senator Johnson said. “It is important that government and business talk frequently.”

The Senator from Dallas is carrying a lot of bills this session. To date he has already filed 93 pieces of legislation. He said because of Texas’ size, the state almost has no choice but to lead the rest of the nation. It is only a matter of how and in what areas we will choose to lead.

Addressing TAB legislative priorities, Senator Johnson agreed with the need for national and international access to Texas-produced natural gas. He commented that employers and individuals also need to be able to rely on the state’s electric grid to power their homes and businesses. TAB supports expanding full coverage for women on Medicaid for 12 months post-delivery to improve maternal health and healthier babies. Senator Johnson also supports expanding maternal health coverage, and Medicaid in general. He urged the business community to be more vocal about Medicaid expansion as a means for lowering health insurance costs, which could be an economic driver for the state.

TAB’s purpose is to champion the best business climate in the world. The founding principles to that climate is a reasonable tax and regulatory environment. The next most important component is ensuring employers have the workforce they need (now and in the future) to keep the economy booming. That can’t be achieved without the right education opportunities, such as computer science classes in the K-12 system, reskilling and upskilling programs at community colleges, as well as outcomes-based funding models to ensure students are getting the best ROI when it comes to their education.

Lawmakers, capitol staff, and TAB Members are invited to attend the next TxLege Breakfast Series, March 1 where we will hear from Senator Kelly Hancock (R-North Richland Hills). RSVP:


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