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Recap: the North American Leaders Summit

Blog by David Zapata, VP of International Relations

The North American Leaders Summit (NALS) took place in Mexico this week. The Summit presented a great opportunity for Presidents Biden, López Obrador and Prime Minister Trudeau to come together to address the proper development of our region.

Ahead of NALS, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) sent a letter to the three leaders, urging action to strengthen economic growth. TAB’s recommendation primarily related to the implementation of USMCA, more efficient trade facilitation, border infrastructure and presidential permits, as well as visas.

NALS concluded with commitments from the three governments to collaborate with private sector leaders in strengthening key industries such as semiconductor production, nearshoring, and supply chains.

Gerry Schwebel, IBC Executive and key TAB member, attended the Summit representing Texas and highlighted our state’s importance in supporting the area’s constant economic growth. He was quoted in the Dallas Morning News as having said, “Trade has been good for the three countries [and] our regions, especially Texas, which is supposed to be one of the most important pro-business states.” Of the $1.3 trillion in North America trade, Gerry underlined that “Texas alone accounts for $231 billion. Our 28 Texas ports of entry along the border manage most of that trade.”

Other important topics discussed include security, migration, labor mobility, and electric vehicles, among others. Although commitments for collaboration in several of these areas were made, the specifics of those commitments are still in development.

TAB will work with our members to engage in these conversations to present the perspectives and recommendations of the Texas private sector.


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