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Industry Leaders Discuss the Future of Tech & AI at the 2023 TAB Policy Conference

Blog by Glenn Hamer, TAB CEO

Texas, a tech haven, proudly boasts the presence of industry giants such as HP and Oracle, a testament to its magnetic appeal for cutting-edge enterprises.


Our state's commitment to cultivating an environment conducive to innovation will continue to attract top-tier businesses. Panelists at the 2023 TAB Policy Conference discussed how embracing AI’s capabilities will be critical for Texas to continue to stay at the forefront of the tech revolution.


Saurabh Sanghvi, Partner at McKinsey & Company, provided a refreshing perspective, debunking the ominous notion of AI job displacement. "It's really a story about job augmentation, rather than job replacement," he said. “This is about superpowering…not changing the unique human things that still are going to be required for the vast majority of occupations.”


Sanghvi’s words painted a picture of AI not as a disruptor but as a supercharger, propelling marketing, sales, software engineering and other key sectors into realms of unprecedented efficiency.  The sentiment echoed by the panelists was one of unwavering optimism. They painted a future where AI, rather than being a threat, becomes a collaborator, augmenting human capabilities and opening new frontiers of efficiency and quality.


Rebecca Gonzales, Head of Enablement for the Generative AI Innovation Center of Amazon Web Services, Inc., remarked, "Texas and its businesses must embrace this technological transition to continue to set itself apart as a frontrunner across industries." It was a call to arms, urging the state to not merely adapt but to lead boldly into the age of AI.


A recognized leader in the tech space, Representative Giovanni Capriglione underlined the importance of good governance and a strong workforce. “I think Texas is growing by leaps and bounds because we have data centers everywhere. Artificial intelligence is only going to continue to grow, and we have to be ready to handle that.”


Texas – a state possessing the best business climate, a title earned through a rich history of fostering a pro-business environment, has proven time and time again it has an ability to change and thrive in a world dominated by technological evolution. As we look to the future of both the world and for the Lone Star State, it’s evident that embracing AI and increasingly revolutionary technological advancements will once again allow Texas to unleash the power of tomorrow.




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