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IBC Conversations with Senators Cruz, Blackburn, and Scott Focus on “Common Sense” Policies to Support Businesses and the American Economy

This week, TAB was proud to partner with IBC Bank to host IBC Conversations in San Antonio and Houston. The events featured United States Senators Ted Cruz (TX), Marsha Blackburn (TN), and Rick Scott (FL), and was moderated by Texas Insider publisher Jim Cardle.

The day began with an early morning on-air interview as TAB President & CEO Glenn Hamer joined the Cardle and Woolley radio show, to preview the high-level discussions on border security, the Israel-Hamas conflict, and more. Against the backdrop of significant achievements, including IBC Bank's remarkable ranking as the #1 best-performing bank on the S&P list, TAB congratulated the bank’s leadership – including Dennis Nixon, Gerry Schwebel, and Jennifer Hoff – for their steadfast commitment to the region.


Throughout the discussions, key themes emerged, emphasizing the pivotal role of common sense in driving economic success. As Senator Cruz affirmed: "Common sense is powerful, and that's why Texas has done so well." Senator Cruz discussed the FAA Reauthorization Bill and his commitment to securing a direct flight from San Antonio International Airport (SAT) to Reagan National Airport (DCA).


Senator Cruz himself was instrumental in leading common sense, bipartisan legislation to streamline the presidential permitting process for Texas-Mexico bridge projects, which TAB was proud to support in order to enhance efficiencies with our state’s top international trade partner.


Senator Blackburn advocated for a reduction in litigation, regulation, and taxation as catalysts for job creation and economic development. Her stance reaffirmed the importance of streamlining processes to unleash the full potential of businesses and industries. Senator Blackburn also discussed the potential for tax hikes and the impact they will have on everyday citizens.


Meanwhile, Senator Scott touched on fiscal responsibility, stressing the need for government to operate with the efficiency and judgement of a successful businesses. His call to action underscored the importance of prudent spending and fiscal discipline in maintaining economic stability.

The conversation turned to geopolitics, touching upon key global issues, including the Israel-Hamas conflict and the war in Ukraine, highlighting the impact of both on the global security landscape. All three senators were unequivocal in their support for Israel, which faces ongoing threats from the terrorist group Hamas and its primary benefactor, Iran.


Immigration was also a central topic with the ongoing surge of incoming migrants, and the group discussed the impact of state and federal responses on legitimate cross-border commerce that is critical to the strength of the Texas and U.S. economy.


In both San Antonio and Houston, the significance of the USMCA took center stage, as the landmark trade agreement plays a critical role in sustaining and growing the Texas economy. Central to this discussion was the pivotal role of the Port of Laredo, which is now the largest port in the nation, with over 18,000 commercial trucks crossing daily. Last year, international trade through the Port of Laredo reached an astonishing $320 billion, up approximately 10% over the previous year.


This week’s IBC Conversations in San Antonio and Houston were a great testament to the power of discourse with some of the most important elected officials in the nation. With common sense as our compass and collaboration as our cornerstone, we are proud to continue this discourse to find new ways to support the growth and success of Texas businesses and all communities across our great state.



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