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How Our Partnership With the BIRD Foundation Strengthens the Texas-Israel Relationship

At the Texas Association of Business, we recognize the importance of fostering strong commercial relationships with Israel. Our shared values of independence and resilience form the bedrock of our partnership, driving us to explore new avenues of collaboration, while simultaneously standing in solidarity alongside our partner, Israel, to safeguard liberty and uphold democratic principles during a critical time. Through initiatives like the Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, we aim to strengthen the bonds between our two regions further and unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity.


The BIRD Foundation has driven development and expansion among various Texas-based companies. The foundation has facilitated collaborations across various technological sectors through strategic partnerships and grant initiatives, leading to groundbreaking developments and international growth.


In Texas, the impact of the BIRD Foundation is evident. With over 35 grantees in the state, including industry leaders like Dell Technologies and Siemens, the foundation's support has propelled companies to new heights of success. From pioneering technologies to groundbreaking products, Texas-based grantees' achievements highlight this collaboration's transformative power.


We are excited to welcome Anat Ben Yosef as the Southern Region Director of Business Development for the BIRD Foundation. Ben Yosef’s appointment marks an exciting opportunity for the Texas business community to strengthen its ties with Israel further and drive innovation through collaborative efforts.


What sets the BIRD Foundation apart is its dedication to fostering collaboration between American and Israeli enterprises. By providing non-dilutive grants covering a significant portion of project budgets, the foundation enables joint product development projects and offers strategic guidance to participating companies. This approach accelerates innovation and ensures that businesses retain autonomy and ownership over their creations.


The BIRD Foundation's continued support for Texas-based businesses will undoubtedly play a crucial role in driving modernization, fostering teamwork, and strengthening our invaluable allyship with Israel. As we continue to build bridges between Texas and Israel, we are confident that working with entities, such as the BIRD Foundation, will continue to positively shape the future of the business communities in both of our regions.


To learn more about the BIRD Foundation, click here.



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