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Gen Z Flocking to Texas Over Other U.S. States

recent analysis conducted by Zillow found that Texas is attracting the largest number of Generation Z movers nationwide, further positioning our state to maintain its status as an economic powerhouse as this younger population enters our already world-class workforce.


What makes Texas so attractive for Gen Z? As the Dallas Morning News wrote this week: “It all comes down to jobs.”


This remarkable trend underscores the fundamental strength of the Texas economy and solidifies our status as a top destination for emerging talent and future opportunities for growth and innovation.


In 2022, Texas boasted an impressive net migration of 76,805 Generation Z individuals. This figure surpasses both California and Florida, positioning Texas as the undeniable leader when it comes to attracting the next generation of workforce talent. With four of the nation's ten largest cities and a diversified economy, Texas offers a vast array of job opportunities catering to diverse talents and backgrounds – a driving force behind the state's overall population boom.


Moreover, Texas’ appeal as a relocation destination is matched by its ability to retain talent. Put simply, when people move to Texas, they tend to stay in Texas – giving us the designation of the ‘Stickiest’ state in the U.S., according to economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. This loyalty speaks volumes about the quality of life and superior pro-business climate that our state leaders have carefully cultivated in recent years.


Employment opportunities continue to abound throughout Texas, making it an ideal starting point for young professionals embarking on their careers. In fact, Texas continues to lead the nation in over-the-year job growth, outpacing the national growth rate by a significant margin. Last fall, we reached a record high 14 million jobs amid a 31-month streak of job growth, and counting.


Additionally, with low taxes, no state income tax and recent historic property tax cuts, Texas is the ideal place for young people to build wealth – making it especially attractive for those entering the professional world seeking to create a nest egg for buying a home, getting advanced degrees, and saving for retirement.


As the need for a young workforce becomes increasingly imperative for sustained growth, Texas' ability to attract and retain Gen-Z talent positions our state to lead the nation in shaping the future of the American economy.


As young professionals continue to flock to the Lone Star State, they contribute to its immediate success and long-term economic prosperity, while solidifying Texas' position as a premier destination for talent to support our thriving business environment.




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