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Exxon Looks to Lead on Lithium

Blog by TAB CEO Glenn Hamer In a strategic move that will indisputably redefine Texas’ role in the increasingly prominent global energy landscape, Exxon Mobil Corporation has unveiled its plans to become a leading lithium producer for batteries and electric vehicles by 2030. This pivotal shift, announced under the Mobil Lithium brand, holds immense promise for Texas’ energy sector.

Exxon’s venture into lithium productions is both a corporate milestone, as well as a catalyst for economic expansion across the Lone Star State, which is already booming. Over the course of the next seven years, Exxon aims to produce enough lithium to power over 1 million electric vehicles per annum.

This ambitious target will translate into substantial economic benefits for Texans, from job creation to increased investments in research and development. Exxon's decision to make its Houston-based campus the global headquarters asserts Texas as a strategic hub for energy innovation. As Texas businesses gear up to support Exxon's lithium production journey, the state stands to become a prominent player in the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

Establishing our state as a leader in this area will bring more than substantial fiscal benefits. Not to mention, by fostering a robust ecosystem for sustainable energy development, the state can attract more investments and stimulate economic diversification, which is integral to stability and development.

ExxonMobil's bold step into lithium production is a Texan success story in the making, as innovation meets economic growth and sustainability. This type of commitment to modernization from companies will advance Texas’ business landscape, securing a prosperous and environmentally conscious future for the state.


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