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Employers Urge State to Appeal to Uphold HB 2127

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

AUSTIN, TX – The litigation arm of the Texas Association of Business (TAB), the Freedom Litigation Center, releases a statement following the Travis County Court’s decision against the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act (HB 2127):

“On behalf of Texas employers, we strongly urge the state to appeal the district court’s decision,” said TAB CEO Glenn Hamer. “We are confident that when the dust settles, House Bill 2127 will be found constitutional and business owners will enjoy a less burdensome regulatory environment.”

As members of the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas (ASSET) coalition, TAB filed an amicus brief supporting HB 2127 through its Freedom Litigation Center.

HB 2127 addresses employer’s concerns of inconsistent and ever-changing regulations across Texas. The bill creates certainty for businesses of every size and industry by prohibiting cities and counties from implementing regulations that conflict with certain state laws, while ensuring cities and counties retain their authority to address local issues.

TAB is the Texas State Chamber, representing companies of every size and industry. The Association’s purpose is to champion the best business climate in the world, unleashing the power of free enterprise to enhance lives for generations. Follow TAB on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Media Contact:

Katie Zarate

Director of Communications

Texas Association of Business



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