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Dr. Miriam Adelson Celebrates 'Shared Spirit' Between Texas and Israel at TAB Policy Conference

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Blog by Glenn Hamer, President & CEO of TAB


The Texas Association of Business recently hosted its annual Policy Conference centralized on the importance of global relationships and policies for the Lone Star State. Texas’ partnership with Israel is undoubtedly one of the most prominent, and TAB was honored to host Dr. Miriam Adelson, a renowned doctor, business leader and powerful advocate of Israel, as a keynote speaker at the event.


"This is a critical time for Israel,” Dr. Miriam Adelson declared. “The support must be loud and clear, and nowhere has it been more so than right here in Texas. From the top office of my dear friend, Governor Abbott, and all the way down to ordinary churchgoers … Texans have turned out for Israel.”


These powerful words echo the sentiment shared by many who understand the depth of the bond between Texas and Israel. It's a relationship that goes beyond mere geopolitical alliances; it's a connection rooted in shared values, resilience, and a mutual commitment to freedom and prosperity.


Dr. Adelson acknowledged the booming commercial ties between Texas and Israel, while emphasizing that the relationship runs far deeper than business. The economic partnership between the two regions has indeed flourished, creating a beneficial situation for both parties. Texas, with its robust economy, and Israel, an innovative world leader in technology sector, are in a partnership that promises success and a prosperous future for both entities.


TAB, as a driving force behind this collaboration, is actively working to fortify the bonds between Texas and Israel. However, Israel is more than an important ally to Texas, they are also a friend.

Recognizing the challenges faced by Israel, TAB aims to play a pivotal role in continuing to provide steadfast support to Israel as they face unfathomable hardships and challenges. This alliance goes beyond economic growth and contributes to the broader canvas of international collaboration and shared prosperity.


In her address, Dr. Adelson touched upon the unique bond shared by Israelis and Texans. "Look closer, and you’ll find that Israelis and Texans have a deep affinity,” she said. “It runs deeper than business, though commercial ties between Texas and Israel are truly booming. And it even runs deeper than basketball, though my family are huge fans of the Dallas Mavericks. It is a matter of shared spirit."


This shared spirit, extending beyond business dealings and even beyond cultural and sporting interests, speaks to a deeper connection founded on shared values. It represents a unity that goes beyond borders, contributing to a harmonious collaboration that has and will continue to endure through the test of time.


At the conclusion of her remarks, TAB was proud to recognize Dr. Adelson with the "Lone Star Champion" award for supporting and strengthening the relationship between the world’s premiere Lone Star States – Texas and Israel.

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