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Decision to overturn SEC ruling is a victory for Business

Blog by TAB CEO Glenn Hamer In a legal maneuver aimed at safeguarding businesses, particularly here in the Lone Star State, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) and Longview Chamber of Commerce joined forces with the US Chamber of Commerce to challenge the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) regulations on stock buybacks. The recent ruling by the Fifth Circuit, overturning the SEC's decision, has sparked discussions about the delicate balance between regulatory oversight and the autonomy of businesses in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations.

The SEC's actions appeared to originate from a study compiled from preconceived notions; although the SEC did not have substantial evidence indicating that companies were lacking transparency when repurchasing their own stock, they proceeded to change the stock buyback rule and required companies to disclose daily quantitative share repurchase information. Stock buybacks have long been considered a legitimate means for companies to deliver maximum value to their shareholders, as is their obligation, and the SEC's move raised concerns about overregulation stifling this practice.

The Fifth Circuit's decision to overturn the SEC ruling must be heralded as a victory for the Texas business sector. It is a necessary check on the SEC's regulatory powers, preventing the agency from becoming overzealous in its oversight of public companies. This decision will preserve Texas businesses’ autonomy, allowing them to fulfill their fiduciary obligations without unnecessary interference from the federal government.

The heart of the matter goes beyond transparency; it delves into the unnecessary financial burdens these regulations could impose on companies. The SEC contended that the cost of disclosing proprietary information would be modest, but critics countered that the regulations would unduly burden companies with excessive costs. The judges in the Fifth Circuit underscored this point, stating, "The SEC cannot have it both ways."

The Texas Association of Business applauds the Fifth Circuit’s decisions and is optimistic that the Supreme Court will uphold their decision to protect the business community within the Lone Star State and at the national level. Ruling against the SEC at the federal level would solidify the stance that publicly traded companies have a responsibility to allocate capital efficiently, and one way they fulfill this obligation is through stock buybacks. The ramifications of this legal battle extend beyond Texas, influencing the broader landscape of securities regulation and the autonomy of businesses in pursuing their strategic financial goals.


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