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Critical Transportation Funding is En Route

Blog by Rebecca Grande, TAB Policy Manager

Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently approved the 2023 Unified Transportation Plan. This plan allocates $85 billion for transportation projects across the state. UTP prioritizes projects based on their alignment to TxDOT priorities and feasibility and includes projects listed in the 100 Most Congested Roadways list.

Funding outlined in UTP aims to improve roadways in both rural and urban areas to increase safety, reduce congestion, and enhance connectivity throughout the state. An additional $32 billion will be added alongside the UTP to execute routine maintenance and project development efforts, totaling a historic $117 billion in transportation investments. This investment shows continued support from our state legislature for our growing transportation needs.

TAB met with Chairman Bruce Bugg from TxDOT to discuss ways in which TAB can be helpful in moving projects forward given the Federal pushback from the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. After TAB met with Chairman Bugg, TAB received a letter from the Chairman where he stated, “In order for TxDOT to fulfill our mission of Connecting You with Texas, we continue to need reliable federal and state funding.” The passage of the 2023 UTP is monumental to ensuring Texas can meet the transportation needs of our growing population.

Regarding TAB involvement, Chairman Bugg said, “Maintaining strong partnerships and open lines of communications is crucial in achieving our shared goal of providing responsible transportation solutions for all Texans.” As such, TAB has circulated the list of UTP prioritized projects to our statewide chamber of commerce network and is actively soliciting feedback on how we can assist our local chambers on their priority projects. TAB thanks Governor Greg Abbott and TxDOT for their efforts in passing the historical UTP.

If your community has a specific transportation project need and would like TAB assistance, you can reach me at For media inquiries, contact Katie Greer at


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