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Chamber of Commerce Week

By TAB CEO Glenn Hamer

The Lone Star State is celebrating Chamber of Commerce week, as designated by Governor Greg Abbott. Texas is home to an impressive network of over 600 local chambers of commerce, each playing an integral role in their community’s entrepreneurial success.

There is no better time to acknowledge and honor the entities that act as the heartbeat of business across Texas. These chambers are more than just professional advocates; they are catalysts for change and progress. By championing education, advocating for infrastructure improvements, generating job opportunities and fostering leadership development, chambers of commerce play a pivotal role in securing our state’s economic stability.

This past Monday, Governor Abbott gave a speech to commence the celebratory week, saying, “Thanks to the work of chambers across our great state, Texas has won the Governor’s Cup for the most corporate relocation and expansion projects for a record-breaking 11 years in a row… I’m honored to work alongside these critical organizations to uphold Texas’ status as the economic engine of America.”

Thanks to the continuous efforts and collaborative spirit of these chambers, Texas has been able to retain its national standing as the best state for business. This label that displays our commitment to economic growth and innovation, ingredients necessary to cultivating a pro-business climate.

As we conclude this Chamber of Commerce Week, let's continue to appreciate the profound impact these chambers make on our state, while continuing to support them as they pave the way for a brighter future for Texas’ companies and entrepreneurs.


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