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Keep up with the latest happenings at the Texas Association of Business. This is the place for members to see how TAB is working for their business, getting the word out about the issues that are important to you.

This is also the place for media members to keep up with the latest news from TAB. All of our current and past press releases are here, along with other useful resources and information.

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New Texan Glenn Hamer is No. 1 fan of state's business climate, BBQ

Austin Business Journal


Texas leaders in DC must stand up to liberal policies on energy

Midland Reporter-Telegram

1800x0 (2)_edited.jpg

PRO Act forces independent contractors to join unions

San Antonio Express-News

1800x0 (1)_edited.jpg

Texas Association of Business grabs new leader from out of state

Austin Business Journal


Washington's heavy regulatory hand will hurt thriving state economies

The Hill


Special session must fix patchwork of labor laws

San Antonio Express-News

1800x0 (3)_edited.jpg

Keep Texas strong; pass Dream Act

San Antonio Express-News

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