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Member Testimonials

Dr. C. H. Whiteside – Ana- Lab Corp.
“TAB watches out for our interests in Austin and Washington. The Association provides an invaluable service to the businesses of Texas, and we are a proud member.”

Bob Thomas, President – Thomas Graphics
Thomas Graphics is proud of its association with TAB. Bob Thomas, former TAB Board Member, deeply appreciates the work TAB has done for Texas business.

Mike Coffey, SPHR, President – Imperative Information Group
“I am so appreciative of TAB’s attention to legislative issues on the state and federal level because I know that they are monitoring what is happening in Austin and Washington.”

“TAB is the gold ribbon example of how advocacy for business should work in the state.”

Jim Ballard, President and CEO – Smart Start
“We are proud to be associated with an organization like TAB, which fights for issues that impact business in Texas.”

G. Brint Ryan, Chairman and CEO – Ryan, LLC
“The Texas Association of Business is a valued and trusted partner of Ryan in support of our mission to defend the rights of our clients, as well as taxpayers everywhere, from unlawful and burdensome tax regulations.”

Thao Costis President and CEO – SEARCH Homeless Services
“Certainly, when we look at the great work that TAB has done, we should all feel very proud and grateful.”

Jenny Cox, Owner – Alert Services Inc.
“I like knowing that TAB is there advocating for us and the overall Texas business climate.”

Ken Turner, Owner – C. C. Battery Company, Inc.
“When it comes to Texas business, TAB’s who you’re going to call.”

Laura Lasco, Vice President, General Counsel – Lasco Enterprises
“The Texas Association of Business is the most important lobbying group in Texas for protecting the business-friendly climate in our state.”

James Vinson – President, VChain Solutions, Inc.
“TAB has been instrumental in helping connect VChain Solutions with key organizations that set the company on a trajectory toward profitability and beyond.”

Bert Marshall, President – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
“The employer group market makes up about 90 percent of our business. Being a member of Texas Association of Business allows us to connect with businesses and make sure we understand our customers.”

Brian Patek, President – Shiner Smokehouse
“Growing a business in a competitive marketplace brings challenges. TAB helps me foresee the current challenges, while helping me partner with like-minded individuals in similar situations. Together we can create a better work environment and end result for all.”

Sally Larrabee, Business Development Mgr. – Process Control Outlet
“As the voice of Texas business, TAB can say things to people that I could never say, and reach people I could never reach. My one small voice doesn’t even register, while TAB’s unified voice can’t be ignored,”

Leslie Duke, Vice President – Burns & McDonnell
“TAB not only works on behalf of businesses in Texas, it also is an excellent resource for business leaders to make informed decisions for the future.”

Jason Cox, COO – Cox Logistics,LLC
“We try to empower our employees with the information and the tools they need to keep us heading in the right direction. I feel that TAB is one of those tools. It gives us a louder voice on the issues that affect our business, and gives access to information that we wouldn’t otherwise get.”