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Media outlets from the Texas Tribune and Dallas Morning News to the Washington Post consider the Texas Association of Business the most powerful, conservative business lobby group in Texas.

There’s simply no stronger and effective voice for Texas business and chambers of commerce than the Texas Association of Business. With more than 200 chambers of commerce connected with TAB, our reach is unparalleled. TAB is prepared to leverage our prominence and standing with the Texas Legislature, the business community, the media and opinion leaders to promote and defend Texas business.

As the state chamber of commerce, TAB is the most influential and dominant voice for public policy issues affecting business in Texas. Through proven results-oriented advocacy and member services, TAB develops a climate which enables more than 4,000 business members and their 600,000 plus employees to operate efficiently and profitably, thus creating new jobs. TAB is proud to be the official state partner of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Legislative Issues:

The Texas Association of Business (TAB) is proud to present its legislative priorities for the 85th Legislative Session. For over 90 years, TAB has been on the forefront of ensuring Texas is the best place to work, run a business and raise a family. We do this by supporting initiatives that encourage economic growth and provide good paying jobs for more Texans. We also do this by opposing legislation that threatens the economy of this state.

TAB is and has always been a bipartisan advocacy organization consisting of over 4,000 large and small business members and over 200 local chamber partners. TAB’s Board of Directors approved an agenda that aggressively protects the Association’s pro-Texas, pro-jobs philosophy.

This publication is an extensive list of TAB’s priorities, which is a snapshot of the issues that TAB fights for in any given legislative session.

In a poll of TAB’s Board of Directors in which they were asked to rank the priorities for the 85th Legislative Session, the following issues overwhelmingly ranked as the top five they considered important:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Economic Development
  • Education and Workforce Readiness
  • Taxation
  • Transportation

While TAB will continue to work on all business issues, this is a good snapshot of the concerns that Texas business owners face every day.

The Texas Legislature has a large task this session to address all the critical business issues, but they also have a great opportunity to make legislative decisions to preserve and improve the economic prosperity for all Texans. Every day, TAB will be at the Capitol fighting for business interests, and we appreciate all the TAB member support that allows us to do so.

CLICK HERE to see our full list of Legislative Priorities.

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Thomas Graphics is proud of its association with TAB. Bob Thomas, former TAB Board Member, deeply appreciates the work TAB has done for Texas business.

Bob Thomas, President Bob Thomas, President Thomas Graphics
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