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For more than 90 years, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) has been on the front lines of the legislative, regulatory, and judicial battlefields, fighting for every issue that impacts business. There is a direct correlation between the size of an organization and the impact its members have on public policy. When numbers talk, lawmakers listen. Through TAB, more than 4,300 employers have united to create new employment opportunities, a predictable regulatory environment, low taxation, statewide collaboration, and a prosperous Texas economy.


In 1922, three San Antonio businessmen, G.M. Kneibel, G.G. Geyer, and I.M. McIlhenny anticipated the start of a new era for Texas business. They predicted the need for a coordinated effort to deal with emerging public policy issues, and formed the Texas State Manufacturers Association. The organization grew bringing agricultural, petrochemical, manufacturing, and financial sectors together within its membership. In 1946, the headquarters were moved from San Antonio to Houston. Recognizing the state’s economy and influence reached beyond Texas, the organization became the Texas Association of Business (TAB) in 1976. In 1990, TAB completed a state headquarters building in Austin, just four blocks from the Texas State Capitol.

While the Texas Association of Business focused on public policy areas, the Texas Chamber of Commerce was a separate entity that served as the umbrella organization for the state’s local chambers of commerce. Since the 1920s, the Texas Chamber and its regional chambers have worked to improve the state’s public education system, economy, workforce, and quality of life.

In 1995, the Texas Association of Business and Texas Chamber of Commerce merged harnessing their combined strength to propel the Texas economy into the 21st Century.   Through vigilant legislative and regulatory action, effective public policy committees, helpful employment relations services, informative seminars, cost-saving benefit programs for employers, and other unique member services, TAB is positioned to leverage its rich history to lead Texas employers moving forward. Thank you for partnering with TAB to make Texas the best business climate in the world.