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July 2014

  • The Energy Ecomony - Texas returns to its economic roots.
  • Workforce Q&A - Under what circumstances are interns considered employees subject to the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the FLSA?
  • Member Profile - Imperative Information Group
  • The TCCE and Transportation
  • TAB Hosts Day of Action
  • Talk About Business — They're Dreaming in California
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June 2014

  • Texas in the Bulls Eye - Proposed emissions cut would have huge impact.
  • Workforce Q&A - Should employers use forensics to complete or audit I-9s?
  • Member Profile - Lasco Enterprises – Striving To Revolutionize The Wine Experience
  • Miller retires after 49 years of service
  • TAB Takes DC
  • Talk About Business — We Are Failing on Infrastructure
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May 2014

  • Why Vote Again? - Voting is even more important in runoff elections.
  • Workforce Q&A - When an employee is separating from the company and is receiving a severance payment in exchange for a release, what types of provisions should be included or exluded in the release?
  • Member Profile - VChain Solutions, Inc. – One of a kind business education solutions
  • Setting the PACE
  • Runoff Election Endorsements - The full list of BAC-PAC runoff endorsements.
  • Talk About Business — New Accountability System Shows System Weakness
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April 2014

  • House/Senate Begin Work on Key TAB Issue - Study of Prescription Drug Abuse Underway
  • Workforce Q&A - have a small business in Texas whereby my employees work closely with animals. Can I require all of my employees to get vaccinated for rabies and tetanus? And if they refuse, can I terminate their employment?
  • Member Profile - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - Committed to Health and Wellness in the Community.
  • What Comes First: The Chicken or The Job?
  • Endorsements Released for the Primary Run-off Election - No change in statewide races
  • Talk About Business — Congress Should Support Texas Economy, Reauthorize Export-Import Bank.
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March 2014

  • The Miniumum Wage Debate - Will it cost jobs?
  • Workforce Q&A - Can my company be held liable for sexual harassment where the employees involved are the same gender?
  • Member Profile - Patek’s Shiner Smokehouse: Bringing Legendary Recipes to the People Since 1937
  • Pass or Fail - It matters how we grade our schools
  • Talk About Business — We Need Permitting Predictability.
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February 2014

  • TAB's Business & Commerce PAC (BACPAC) Board Makes Primary Endorsements
  • Workforce Q&A - Will the judge take recent OSHA fines into consideration when levying USICE fines for I-9 Emplyment Verification violations?
  • Member Profile - Process Control Outlet - Customer Service and Quality Care.
  • Run for the Roses - Texas Style
  • Talk About Business — Scary Number Should Bring Change.
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January 2014

  • Victory over the NLRB - Poster rule is struck down by court.
  • Workforce Q&A - How much is the penalty if a person does not get health insurance coverage in 2014?
  • Member Profile - Burns & McDonell - Making Successful Clients.
  • A Message from Chairman Dale Young.
  • Annual Conference Preview
  • Talk About Business — Let the Punishment Fit the Crime.
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December 2013

  • Game Changers - Getting serious abut improving completion rates.
  • Workforce Q&A - As an employer, what should I be doing to make sure my conpany's confidential and proprietary information is legally protected?
  • Member Profile - Cox Logistics, LLC - A productive Powerhouse in the Pipe Industry.
  • PAVE'ing the Way for Veterans.
  • Talk About Business — Just Attending College Is Not Enough.
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November 2013

  • TAB Pushes Texas Solultions in Washsington
  • Workforce Q&A - Can we put some type of restriction on time off for military reserve duty?
  • Member Profile - Business Bank of Texas, N.A.- Focused on Providing Service to the Business Community.
  • New Affinity Program Offers Life Insurance Help.
  • Talk About Business — Federal Budget Solution Must Include Entitlement Reform.
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 October 2013

  • TAB Board Endorses All Amendments, Early voting begins Oct. 21; Election Day is Nov 5
  • Workforce Q&A - Can an employer require someone who handles food to take an HIV or AIDS test?
  • Congressman Hall Honored with Award.
  • Member Profile - Denver City Dreaming - Bobby & J.M. Trent, an Entrepreneurial Story.
  • TAB Board Supports Merger.
  • Talk About Business — Quenching Out Thirst.
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 September 2013

  • It Is Dry Out There - Passing Proposition Six Is a Must in November
  • Workforce Q&A - Do employers have to file their wage reports and pay taxes online now with TWC?
  • Congressman Hall Honored with Award.
  • Member Profile - AAA Texas - Premier Roadside Assistance And So Much More.
  • TAB Supreme Court Victory.
  • Talk About Business — Support Builds for Repeal of Health Insurance Tax.
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 August 2013

  • The Education Session - Where do we go from here?
  • Workforce Q&A - Americans with Disabilities(ADA) Compliance Question
  • To fund or Not To Fund - The plan to pull funding from the Affordable Care Act.
  • Member Profile - Responsive Education Solutions - Providing Hope Through Quality Education.
  • Legal Watchdogs Kick Off "Small Business Summer" Campaign.
  • Talk About Business — The Texas Biotech Boom Is Around the Corner.
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 July 2013

  • UI Drug Testing Becomes Law
  • Workforce Q&A - Can we get a second opinion regarding an FMLA certification?
  • Dedicated Clean Up - There will be more truth in budgeting thanks to HB 7.
  • Member Profile - Ryan - Innovative Solutions to Taxing Problems.
  • Lilly Ledbetter Vetoed.
  • Talk About Business — The End of An Era.
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 June 2013

  • Two Priorities, Two Outcomes - This Session's Work on Water and Transportation
  • Workforce Q&A - How will the Uniform Trade Secrets Act affect Texas business?
  • Business Tax Relief Passes - Lawmakers and Governor Perry take steps to keep Texas businesses strong.
  • Member Profile - iKey - The Global Leader in Rugged Peripherals.
  • Criminal Justice Success.
  • Talk About Business — I for Incomplete.
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 May 2013

  • Crunch time - the 2013 Session Winds Down
  • Workforce Q&A - If an employee posts something on social media that embarrasses or portrays the company in a negative light, can we fire him?
  • Business Tax Cut Moving - One of the issues that could cause a special session.
  • Member Profile - Cintra US - Building Roads and Creating Jobs in Texas.
  • Sen. Cornyn's Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
  • Talk About Business — No Single Solution.
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 April 2013

  • The Push For Gaming In Texas - Keeping our money at home.
  • Workforce Q&A - How would mandatory E-Verify in a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill impact small business?
  • Session 2013 - Where our issues stand.
  • Member Profile - State Tax Group, LLC - A Leader in State and Local Tax.
  • Best Companies Success.
  • Talk About Business — Investing Isn't Spending.
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 March 2013

  • Watering the Future - Support Grows for fully funding the statewide water plan.
  • Workforce Q&A - My employee took FMLA leave for his own health condition.  He has now exhausted his FMLA leave but has not returned to work.  Can I fire him?
  • To Facebook Or Not to Facebook.
  • Member Profile - OneStar Foundation - Building a Stronger Nonprofit Sector for a Better Texas.
  • Highflying Message.
  • Talk About Business — Water is a Top Priority.
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 February 2013

  • The Business Behind Criminal Justice Reform.
  • Workforce Q&A - My employees don’t sign non-competes or non-disclosure agreements. An ex-employee just opened a shop across the street and is raiding my sales people and customers. I feel like she kept some documents. Do I have any remedies?
  • Tax Cut Drive – TAB launches a petition drive for tax relief.
  • Member Profile - Hochheim Prairie Insurance – Texans Serving Texans Since 1892
  • The Best of the Best.
  • Talk About Business — Our Schools are Broken, Not Broke
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 January 2013

  • Brighter Money Picture Greets Lawmakers.
  • Workforce Q&A - We have an employee leaving to go to work for a competitor. What steps should we take to protect our confidential information and trade secrets?
  • Our Work Has Just Begun – the TAB Lobby Team prepares for the session.
  • Member Profile - Brenham National Bank – Their People, Their Service, Their Best
  • A Message from The Chair.
  • Talk About Business — The Right Time to Fight
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 December 2012

  • Together! - Chamber partners gearing up for 2013 session.
  • Workforce Q&A - What issues should we consider when we are hiring new salespersons in the states into which we are expanding and would like to begin using noncompete agreements?
  • End of Year Report: 2012 Chair Rudy Oeftering.
  • Member Profile - Dee Brown, Inc. - Quality Stone and Masonry Construction Since 1955
  • College Funding Breakthrough - Major funding agreement reached.
  • Talk About Business — The Un-Affordable Care Act
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 November 2012

  • Workers' Comp Reforms Show TAB Value - Workers' Comp Rates Drop 49% Since 2005
  • Workforce Q&A - Can we impose a premium surcharge on tobacco users who enroll in our health plan?
  • The Serious Higher Education Challenge - Colleges also have to be second high schools.
  • Member Profile - Motion Computing - Serious Mobility Solutions for Serious Professionals
  • Job Descriptions Rule Killed
  • Talk About Business — A Clear Grade for Schools
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 October 2012

  • TAB Board Approves New State Agenda
  • Workforce Q&A - Can we legally take a commission away from salespeople for disciplinary reasons?
  • Member Profile - Broussard's Mortuary — Providing Support and Service to Southeast Texans for Five Generations
  • Critical Election Days Away — It Is Time To Vote
  • Talk About Business — The Road Does Not Go On Forever
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 September 2012

  • TAB to Lawmakers: Career and Technology Training is Essential to our Economic Future
  • Workforce Q&A - What are the ramifications of recently issued new EEOC requirements regarding criminal background checks?
  • Member Profile - Professional Answering Service - They Work for You
  • Congressman Johnson Honored At Dallas Event
  • Talk About Business — Time for an Honest Budget
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 August 2012

  • Drug Testing to Maintain Unemployment Benefits - Still a Long Way to Go
  • Workforce Q&A - As an employer, can I enter into our payroll system the expiration date of an employee’s Permanent Resident Card for the purpose of employment eligibility reverification?
  • Washington Woes, Texas Solutions - Texas Center for Federal Policy Releases New Priorities
  • Member Profile - R. W. Dirks Petroleum Engineer, Inc. – Bringing Success to the Oil Industry for More Than 60 Years
  • TAB Honors Tommy Simmons
  • Talk About Business — Texas Business - We Built Ours
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 July 2012

  • The Future of Health Care — What The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Means To Your Business.
  • Workforce Q&A - Can I have a policy to terminate any employee with a leave of absence that exceeds one year?
  • Holding Schools Accountable - Groups Say No New Money Without Accountability
  • Member Profile - Exparza's Restaurtante Mexicano — Famous for Tex-Mex, Known for Margaritas
  • Our Dry Future — How To Avoid Going Waterless
  • Talk About Business — Time To Advance, Not Retreat From Accountability
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 June 2012

  • The New Math - New Standards Weaker in Some Areas.
  • Workforce Q&A - Is there an IRS program allowing me to change contractors into employees with no penalties?
  • TAB Goes to D.C.- Conference Highlights National Agenda
  • Member Profile - Vulcraft and Century Industrial Coatings - Environmental Award Winners
  • Remembering Ken Legler - State Rep. and Former TAB Board Member Dies Suddenly
  • Talk About Business - Funding Our Water Future
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 May 2012

  • endorsements for the May Primary - Early voting Begins May 14
  • Workforce Q&A - What must our company pay an employee subpoenaed to appear in court if that employee has no paid leave time available?
  • Can Jobs and A Lizard Go Together?
  • Member Profile - Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc.
  • Talk About Business - In Education, Efficiency Matters
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 April 2012

  • Health Care Crossroads - Texas Business not Thrilled with ACA
  • Workforce Q&A -NLRB Notice Posting Requirement Changes
  • Texas 1 EPA 0
  • Member Profile - TurnerDuran Architects, LP
  • Talk About Business - Accountability Is More Than Just A Test
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 March 2012

  • Work in Washington - Hammond trip pushes Texas business agenda, lays foundation for conference
  • Workforce Q&A - Disqualification for unemployment
  • We Have a Primary
  • Member Profile -JHL Company - Leading the way in public affairs, fundraising and event management
  • Talk About Business - Texas Economic Independence
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 February 2012

  • Annual Conference a Record Breaker
  • Workforce Q&A - Pay Discrimination Audits and Lawsuits
  • Don't Fail Us - Education Accountability
  • Member Profile - Houston Community College
  • Talk About Business - Dear TEA: Make the Test Count
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January 2012

  • The New Drug Threat - Prescription Drug Abuse is Getting Texas Workers Hooked, and Killed
  • Workforce Q&A - Employees and Social Media Policies
  • A Year of Firsts at TAB's Annual Conference
  • Member Profile - Amerex Energy Services
  • Message from 2012 TAB Chair Rudy Oeftering
  • Talk About Business - Dear TEA: Make the Test Count
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December 2011

  • Time to think about Obamacare-What will you do about health insurance.
  • Workforce Q&A -Changes to union election proceedings
  • Driving the message home
  • Member Profile - Austin Glass and Mirror
  • 2011 Chairman report
  • Talk About Business - Primary care, a primary concern

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November 2011

  • Message to Super Committee: Go Big
  • Workforce Q&A - When to use E-Verify
  • Board of Directors Ballot
  • Business Profile - Honors for TAB Team
  • Obama NLRB Requires Employers to Post Notice of Employee Rights
  • Talk About Business - The Committee needs to be Super
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 October 2011

  • TAB's Second Annual Higher Education Conference - October 18
  • Workforce Q&A - Advice on Wall Street concerns
  • Texas has a proposition for you, actually 10 of them.
  • Member Profile - Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
  • A new concept to earn a college degree.
  • Talk About Business - Seven Dangerous Distractions
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September 2011

  • Career Ready Graduates - Schools and Businesses Partner to Ensure a Quality Workforce
  • Workforce Q&A - Confidentiality Agreements and the NLRA
  • Texas Back Under the Microscope - A 1999 Flashback
  • Member Profile - Blazer Electric and Satellite
  • Texas Center for Federal Policy Launched
  • Talk About Business - When Blackout Threats Become Reality
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August 2011

  • Washington Woes. Texas Solutions - TAB Launches New Policy Center
  • Workforce Q&A - More Department of Labor audits
  • Four in Focus - Washington Must Immediately Make Key Reforms.
  • Member Profile - Star Furniture
  • Franke Joins Team TAB
  • Talk About Business - Medi-scare? Reform Shouldn't Scare Us
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July 2011

  • Session in our Rearview Mirror-How Business Interests Fared in Tough Budget Year
  • Workforce Q&A - Should my business enroll in E-Verify?
  • Sun Sets on Session, But Not on Some Agencies
  • Member Profile - Trinity Hughes Construction
  • Needed Reforms Blown in During Special Session
  • Talk About Business - Cancel Washington's Unlimited Credit Card
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June 2011

  • Defending Against Government Overreach - Latest attack would politicize procurement.
  • Workforce Q&A - New whistleblower provisions.
  • Small Business to Washington - Get out of the way.
  • Member Profile - Midland Manufacturing Company
  • Session Recap: Tort Reform Package Passed
  • Talk About Business - Us Against Him: How the President Tears Down Texas
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May 2011

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - A look at legislation impacting business.
  • Workforce Q&A - How the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act affects business
  • Member Profile - B-5 Construction
  • More doctors for more Texas
  • Talk About Business - Jobs or Lizards?
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April 2011

  • Road-Tested Solutions - State must commit to a world-class transportation system
  • Workforce Q&A - Break time for nursing mothers
  • Nelson Salinas: TAB's Education Lobbyist
  • Member Profile - Market Basket Food Stores
  • Education: A TAB Priority
  • Talk About Business - The Building Blocks for Texas' Future
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March 2011

  • Right Prescription for Health Care - Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Sen. Nelson offer smart reforms.
  • Workforce Q&A - Family medical leave act management
  • Texas to Washington: Make it Balance.
  • Member Profile - Hunt Advertising and Consulting
  • Shortfall shouldn't shortchange education
  • Talk About Business - Driving Toward Real Solutions
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February 2011

  • Dream Big Texas, We Did - A look back at the 2011 TAB Annual Conference
  • Workforce Q&A - Providing nursing mother space
  • What Texas leaders are saying about the Annual Conference
  • Member Profile - Gopher Industrial Inc.
  • Hammond makes power list
  • Talk About Business - A Right Prescription for Texas
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January 2011

  • EPA vs. Texas
  • Workforce Q&A - Using FMLA for an injured worker.
  • TAB's Annual Conference fast approaching
  • Member Profile - State Farm Insurance, Steve Allen Agency
  • Message from 2011 TAB Chair Brett Graham
  • Talk About Business - Difficult, but Doable
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December 2010

  • A Prerequisite for Continued Prosperity - TAB's Education Foundation Inaugural Higher Ed Summit
  • Workforce Q&A - Who is responsible for replacing damaged company property?
  • Chamber Partners Conference a Success
  • Member Profile - National Coupling Company, Inc.
  • Chair Report: 2010 Chair Gray Mayes
  • Talk About Business - A Prerequisite for Continued Prosperity
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November 2010

  • New TAB Foundation Formed to Advance Quality Education in Texas
  • Workforce Q&A - Are private agreements to arbitrate employment-related disputes still enforceable in Texas?
  • Texas Voters Cast Votes for Job Creation
  • Member Profile - University Title Company - Quality Service with a Personal Touch
  • Talk About Business - Historic Election Shows Great Promise For Business
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October 2010

  • Why Medicaid Managed Care Is A Must
  • Workforce Q&A - Deferred Adjudication.
  • Voters support Lawsuit Reform. Will Lawmakers Listen?
  • Member Profile - Graham International - Texas Company Keeps Businesses Moving
  • Talk About Business - Prosperity if Priority One
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September 2010

  • TAB Takes Aim At improving Higher Education
  • Workforce Q&A - Federal Government Contractors and mandatory arbitration agreements.
  • Pro-Business Picks - BACPAC Endorsements
  • Member Profile - Red Fly Studio
  • Keeping All Americans Working
  • Talk About Business - No New Taxes - No Way, No How
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August 2010

  • TAB support "Texas Back to Work"
  • Workforce Q&A - Can a Texas employer adopt a mandatory direct deposit policy
  • Spotlight on Jobs: Socialize Your Recruitment Strategy
  • Member Profile - Durham-Ellis Pecan Company
  • 31st Annual Texas Employment Relations Symposium Wrap-up
  • Talk About Business - Time Is Wrong To End Bush Tax Cuts
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July 2010

  • TAB/Employers fight New IRS Requirements
  • Workforce Q&A - do the FMLA provisions override company policy regarding notifications?
  • TAB Leader Set to Retire
  • Member Profile - C.C. Battery Company, Inc.
  • Talk About Business - Drilling Moratorium Bad for Gulf, Bad for Jobs
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June 2010

  • EPA/Obama Launch Blow to Texas Economy
  • Member Profile - Standard Sales Company, L.P. Headquartered in Odessa – “This Bud’s For You” Selling The Red, White And Blue In West Texas
  • Workforce Q&A - Are we required to give our employee time off to attend briefings associated with their spouse's overseas deployment?
  • Talk About Business - Pelosi uses IRS to Punish American Employers
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May 2010

  • TAB Continues Pushing Power of Education
  • Member Profile - IESI - Partners for a cleaner Environment
  • Workforce Q&A - Legal implications of outsourcing HR and payroll responsibilities.
  • Talk About Business - Saving Lives, Saving Dollars
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April 2010

  • Business Groups Denounce ObamaCare
  • Member Profile - Evins Personnel Consultants
  • Workforce Q&A - What is the "Franken Amendment" and how does this new law impact employers?
  • National Affairs Conference Agenda
  • Talk About Business - Liberal Agenda for America: Destroy Middle Class
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March 2010

  • TAB Readies for 82nd Legislative Session
  • Member Profile - Summit Financial Group
  • Workforce Q&A - When are you required to investigate an employee’s complaint and what should be placed in writing?
  • Talk About Business - A Business Climate on the Brink
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February 2010

  • Leaders tackle education at 2010 TAB Annual Conference
  • Perspectives - Effect of the Tea Party Movement
  • Workforce Q&A - What is the &ldquoFranken Amendment” and how does this new law impact employers?
  • Talk About Business - Can’t Tax And Spend Your Way to Prosperity
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January 2010

  • EPA Pursues Radical Regulation
  • Member Profile - BGI Enterprises, Inc.
  • Workforce Q&A - Is an employee's electronic signature sufficient to establish that the employee received an employment policy?
  • Talk About Business - Success of Texas Business Hinges on Education
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December 2009

  • EPA-TCEQ Brouhaha Threatens Business Climate
  • Member Profile: Texans Can! Academy
  • Workforce Q&A - H1N1 and employee absences
  • Talk About Business - Four Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse
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November 2009

  • Speaker Pelosi Passes “Worst Bill Ever”
  • TAB to Launch “Dream Big Texas” Program
  • Workforce Q&A - Personal use of computers at work.
  • Talk About Business - TAB to Spotlight Future of Texas Education
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October 2009

  • D.C. May Shut the Lights on Texas Business
  • Member Profile - Texas Instruments
  • Workforce Q&A - Importance of Policy Manuals.
  • Talk About Business - Why is Texas Leaving Its Children Behind?
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September 2009

  • TAB, Gov. Perry Fight Against ObamaCare
  • 2009-2011 Employment Law Handbook released.
  • Workforce Q&A - Employment Practices Liability Insurance.
  • Talk About Business - A Reality Check for the White House
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August 2009

  • TAB Leads Historic Education Coalition
  • Member Profile - Allied Oilfield Machine & Pump
  • Workforce Q&A - New FMLA Regulations, What you need to do now.
  • Talk About Business - Angry About ObamaCare? I Am!
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July 2009

  • TAB Helps Launch Call for CoverageCampaign
  • Member Profile - Texas Farm Products
  • Workforce Q&A - Workforce Reduction - Requiring employees to take unpaid leave
  • Talk About Business - America Needs Real Solutions for Health Care Crisis
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June 2009

  • TAB Scores Big in Legislative Session
  • Member Profile - Corporate Facilities Management Services
  • Workforce Q&A - Changes in the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Talk About Business - TAB Success is Due to Supporters Like You
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May 2009

  • TAB Legislative Goals Closer to Reality
  • Member Profile - United Supermarkets
  • Workforce Q&A - We’ve heard a lot about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. What is its significance and what practices should we adopt going forward to ensure compliance?
  • Talk About Business - It’s Time to Put Student Achievement First
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April 2009

  • UI Battle Heats Up In Texas Legislature
  • Member Profile - Providence Risk & Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Workforce Q&A - We are moving our plant to a different site. If some of the employees choose not to travel to work at the other site, will they be able to collect unemployment benefits if they quit?
  • Talk About Business - TAB Says No To Trial Lawyer Bailout
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March 2009

  • Lively Debate Highlights Immigration Summit
  • Member Profile - Sampson Steel
  • Workforce Q&A - How do you handle pay issues when you have to shut down the office or company when there is inclement weather? Do you need to pay the non-exempt employees?
  • Talk About Business - Obama Declares War on Texas
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February 2009

  • Annual Conference Sets Stage for Busy 2009
  • Member Profile - Talk O’ Texas
  • Workforce Q&A - How can I know that my company and our employees are working with a quality investment professional?
  • Talk About Business - Liberal Wish List Could Soon Be Reality
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January 2009

  • TAB Ready to Meet Session Challenges with Relentless Effort
  • Member Profile - Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Workforce Q&A - What is the Employee Free Choice Act(EFCA) and should I be worried about it?
  • Talk About Business - Remove Roadblocks to Texas Transportation Crisis
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December 2008

  • TAB Chamber Conference is a “Home Run”
  • Member Profile - James Avery Craftsman
  • Workforce Q&A - What options do we have for retrieving company owned equipment?
  • Talk About Business - A More Imperfect Union
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