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August 2015
Achieving 60 by 30
New plan focus of TAB Higher Education Conference

  • Workforce Q&A
    • How does the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision recognizing same-sex marriages impact my company?
  • Clean Power Plan Could Wipe Out Jobs
    • New proposal needs more public input
  • Member Profile
    • Ana-Lab (Celebrating 50 years of quality service)
  • TAB Talks Overtime Pay
    • TAB files comments against Fair Labor Standards Act change
  • Talk About Business
    • Why 60x30 Is Essential for Texas

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July 2015
A Winning Session
TAB Priorities Prevail

  • Workforce Q&A
    • As a franchisor, am I liable for unfair labor practices committed by my franchisees?
  • A Balancing Act
  • Member Profile
    • Thomas Graphics, Inc.
  • A Less Contested Case 
  • A Mixed Education Message
  • Tools to Keep Economic Development Going
  • A Conservitave Budget and Tax Cut
  • Talk About Business
    • The Consequences of Doing Nothing

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June 2015

  • Lawmakers Fund Transportation
  • Workforce Q&A
    • I have over 50 employees, and I offer health insurance to my full-time employees. Have I done all I need to do to avoing the employer penalites under the Afforable Care Act?
  • Solving the Talent Dilemma
  • Member Profile
    • Seton Healthcare Family and Providence Healthcare Network
  • Federal Update
    • Where we are on TPA and Ex-Im
  • Talk About Business
    • A Good Year for Business

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May 2015

  • A Healthy Session
  • Workforce Q&A
    • What kind of question can employers ask job applicants about immigration?
  • Award Winning Member
    • Former TAB Chair John Bass
  • Local Fracking Bans Banned
  • Talk about Business
    • The Case for Contested Case Reform

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April 2015

  • Ranking Member Priorities
    • Plans would benefit business and consumers
  • Workforce Q&A- We have someone who works for us on a regular basis in our office and has worked a regular schedule for the past few years. This has never been a real issue until today. The  contractor decided to take off today to go to Mexico without prior approval. The owner now wants to write him up not only for that but for refusing to sign a non-competition agreement. Would a written contract help us not to worry about a TWC audit?
  • TAB Backs New Rules for E-Cigarettes
  • The New High Speed Rail Effort
  • Lawmakers Tackle the Balance Bill Issue
  • Member Profile- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX)
  • TAB Pushes for a Statewide Ride-Sharing Solution
  • Best Companies Walk the Red Carpet in Austin

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March 2015


  • Ranking Member Priorities
    • What is important to you this session?
  • Workforce Q&A- One of my employees is in a same-sex marriage and he/she has requested leave to care for his/her spouse. Is he/she entitled to leave under the Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA" or "Act")?
  • The Fight for Ex-Im Continues
  • TAB Launches New Higher Education Partnership with WGU Texas
  • Member Profile- Jackson Walker
  • Talk About Business: Putting A Stop To Surprise Medical Bills
  • President's Message
    • We Need a Juvenile Justice System That Does More Than Punish
  • Talk About Business
    • Texas Needs an A-F Campus Grading System

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 February 2015 

  • Budget Document Includes Business Priorities
  • Workforce Q&A- Are there any new requirements for state contractors in Texas?
  • Legislators Committed to Unemployment Insurance Reform
    • Preserving a System and Encouraging Re-Employment.
  • The Economy of the Arts
  • Member Profile: Imperative Information Group
  • Talk About Business: Why We Support the DREAM

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 January 2015

  • Our Top Legislative Priorities  
    • Transportation, Education, Health Care
  • Workforce Q&A- Can we discipline an employee who is using Twitter or Facebook to incite other employees to disobey company policy?
  • Chairman's Letter
  • New Money Should Fund Roads, Tax Cuts
  • The Billboard Says It All
  • Member Profile: Teledoc
  • A Choice for Children
  • Our Water Work Isn’t Done Yet
  • The Good News About Comp Rates
  • Talk About Business: The Priorities of Business Will Strengthen Texas

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