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TAB Reaction to Federal AYP Report
Date:  8/8/2012
ArticleType:  Press Release


Contact:  Bill Hammond

August 8, 2012

Phone: (512) 637-7701



Reaction to the Federal AYP Report

Disappointing results show the value of a strong accountability system

AUSTIN, TXFor the first ever, more Texas schools failed than passed federal Annual Yearly Progress standards. 

“That is certainly disappointing to hear,” said Texas Association of Business President and CEO Bill Hammond.  “It does, however, show us the importance of keeping a strong accountability system.  These results will force schools to take a look at where there weaknesses are and come up with plans to address those weaknesses.  I think that will improve education in the long run.  Without a strong accountability system that kind of improvement would never happen.”

“The whole idea of improving education is to ensure that our kids are ready to make it in the real world and that they have the skills needed to get a good job, said Hammond. “Right now, we know that schools aren’t meeting the demand of preparing graduates for college or careers.  That is why the accountability system was changed at the high school level, to better prepare our students for life after high school.  Changing or weakening our accountability system now won’t help our students and will hurt our education system in the long run.”

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