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Education and Workforce

Accountability. In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, support a system that measures the progress of students as well as the performance of school districts. Support the idea that, in return for increased federal spending, school districts must be effective in turning out students who are better prepared. Support a system that provides a mechanism to shut down or restructure school districts who continue to fail through local action. Oppose efforts to govern school districts through federal intervention.

Competency Based Education (CBE). Support CBE to be utilized as part of any federal higher education reform.

Cross-border educational development. Ensure that all children residing in Texas are taught English, and make it a priority for them to become proficient as soon as possible.

Federal block grants. Support efforts to fund state workforce programs through federal block grants with maximum flexibility on the use of the funds.

Free community college tuition. Oppose President Obama’s restrictive and expensive proposal to give two years free tuition for community college.

Funding. Give flexibility to local school districts to allocate federal funds to the areas of greatest need. Oppose measures to place demands on the specifics of spending federal monies.

Licensed occupations. Advocate for policies that will ensure updated federal regulation on instruction practices of licensed occupations.

Testing. Support annual testing of students to ensure that school districts are providing the necessary tools for the success of students in the basics of reading, science and math. Oppose any measures to eliminate testing students on basic skills.

University-based research. Following recommendations issued by the U.S. Council on Competitiveness and the National Academies Report entitled “Rising Above the Gathering Storm”, strengthen the climate in the U.S. for innovation and encourage Congress to provide additional funding for university-based research in the physical sciences. This includes further increases in the budget for the National Science Foundation and other engineering-related research initiatives.