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The day-to-day operations and legal parameters of business are rapidly changing with the integration of technology. As a result, TAB has identified areas where we need to advocate for legislative changes necessary to keep up with the impact of technology in business. Cybersecurity, infrastructure and privacy are among some of the issues that Texas must address to stay competitive. TAB’s priorities in the area of technology include:

Cybersecurity. Support programs to increase awareness of how small- and medium-sized businesses can protect themselves from cybersecurity threats. Also, support efforts to increase the supply of a skilled workforce for the cybersecurity sector, including programs that effectively transition veterans into this sector.

Infrastructure. Support efficient and effective infrastructure assets, including Information & Communications Technology (ICT), in order to help build capacity needed to accommodate our growing population and help us to remain competitive with other states.

Internet Regulation. Oppose any attempt to apply state regulation to Internet services or providers. Government intervention in the broadband marketplace through the imposition of restrictive policies, such as measures to control how providers price, market and manage their products and services, would deter innovation, reduce competition and thwart continued investment in, and enhancement of, broadband networks.

Patent Reform. Support patent reform at the state level to stop abusive patent litigation from harming Texas business. Patents are essential to innovation, and Texas needs to protect its current technology-based companies, as well as attract new ones. While legitimate patent infringement litigation is necessary to the protection of intellectual property, abusive patent litigation diverts valuable resources and focus away from research and development, hiring new employees, releasing new products or expanding a business to the Internet.

Privacy and Information Practices. Encourage and support business efforts to develop and disclose comprehensive, market-driven privacy policies. Oppose efforts that would create a “patchwork-quilt” of state laws that would further impede the growth of Internet commerce. Work to ensure an environment that supports increased high-tech business development in Texas and the continued development of electronic business-to-business transactions.