1209 Nueces St, Austin, Texas 78701-1209
Phone: 512-477-6721
Fax: 512-477-0836


Jeff Moseley – CEO (Bio)
Chris Wallace, IOM, CCE – President (Bio)
Gabriella Strong – Executive Assistant/IT Officer
Theresa Drew – Receptionist/Office Manager


Amanda Abbott – VP of Marketing and Communications

Governmental Affairs

Cathy DeWitt – Vice President, Governmental Affairs
Stephen Minick – Vice President, Governmental Affairs
Amanda Martin – Governmental Affairs Manager

Accounting/Employment Relations & Benefits Administration

Melissa Collins – Vice President, Employment Relations
Dalila Galindo – Accounting Assistant
Josie Calderon – Accounting Assistant

Member Engagement and Chamber Relations

Aaron Cox – Vice President, Chamber Relations/Member Engagement
Paula Romano – Member Engagement and Events Director
Sharon Berger – Membership Services Manager
Camilla Rodriguez – Chamber Services Membership Coordinator

Membership Development

Kirby Hiscox – Vice President of Corporate Development
Chelsie Kramer – Regional Executive Director, Gulf Coast
David Pagan – Regional Executive Director, North Texas
Belinda Matingou – Regional Executive Director, Central Texas
Miles Resnick – Regional Manager, Southeast Texas
Mark Sadowski – Regional Manager, North Texas
Alex Jumeau – Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition Coordinator