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TAB Applauds Today’s Passage of Telemedicine Legislation

TAB Applauds Today’s Passage of Telemedicine Legislation

-Senate Bill 1107 heads to the Governor’s Desk-

AUSTIN, TX — Last September, The Texas Association of Business (TAB) released a report, “Telemedicine: The 21st Century Answer to the Call for Better Health Care,” that assessed the growing health care crisis in Texas, the promise of telemedicine and the direction in which state policies should move to improve access to health care via telemedicine. It also highlighted the unfortunate fact that Texas was behind other states in establishing a supportive regulatory environment for the expansion of telemedicine services.

“We are grateful to all the stakeholders who participated in crafting this legislation, and to Senator Charles Schwertner and Representative Four Price for their leadership on this important issue to Texas businesses, their employees and families,” said Jeff Moseley, Texas Association of Business CEO. “Understanding the potential for telemedicine to help Texas businesses address the state’s low physician supply and rising health care costs, we felt it was important to be active participant in this debate.”

The legislation tracks with the recommendations in TAB’s report that called for policy to:

  • Ensure that standards of care for telemedicine and in-person care are consistent.
  • Adopt a technology-neutral definition of telemedicine, which allows for patient choice and physician discretion in selecting the encounter with the technology they deem safe and appropriate.
  • Only require a patient to be examined in-person or travel to a facility when medically necessary.

TAB’s September 2016 telemedicine report is available to the public by CLICKING HERE.

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